For everyone out there that wants a clean home with minimal fuss, a decent cordless vacuum is a must. Preserve your vision of robot vacuums as a conveyance for cats in shark costumes. Clean your home however you want, whenever you want. These cordless models, suitable for a wide range of budgets, get the job done efficiently. That way you can get back to doing whatever else—nearly anything else—that is more interesting than hoovering up dust particles in a world that keeps on making them.

  • Filtration: Nobody wants to vacuum only to find that fine particles have escaped. When selecting your cordless vacuum, be sure to check the filtration power. A high filtration level will ensure that small particles stay trapped in your vacuum rather than being redistributed in the air. Find a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which will remove 99.9 percent of particles.
  • Attachments: If you’re hoping to clean more than just your carpets with a cordless vacuum, attachments are a great way to reach every crevice of your home. A crevice tool is designed for deep cleaning around appliances, furniture, and small corners. Meanwhile, a soft-bristle dusting brush can gently remove dust and debris from knick-knacks and fragile objects. 
  • Airflow: The performance of your cordless vacuum is determined by its cleaning power, which can be difficult to quantify if you’re not sure what to look for. Check the airflow when selecting your vacuum, as it can more accurately measure the performance than amps or wattage. Generally, an airflow of 100 CFM (cubic feet per minute) or more is your best bet.

Our Picks for the Best Cordless Vacuums on Amazon

Top pick: Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Seamless Docking Station

Ramp up to maximum power mode for cleaning challenges with HEPA filtration to suck up pet hair particles. The touch-free dirt ejector will dispense with mess, without soiling your own paws.

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Runner up: Tineco Hero Cordless Lightweight Vacuum

Built-In LED Headlight

A four-stage filtration system prevents fine dust particles from escaping, and the device comes with a pre-filter cleaning tool that doesn’t require messy rinsing.

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Great for cars: Eureka Lightweight Cleaner

Works on All Surfaces

One-touch start means you don’t need to hold down a power button for continuous tidying. It’s also great for detailing vehicles.

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Also Consider: MOOSOO 4 in 1 Powerful Suction Stick

Long-lasting battery

The 28 minutes the battery lasts ensures you can clean your entire house in one go. And the 100-watt suction inhales everything from dust to crumbs so you don’t need to worry about leftover debris.

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