If you want to organize your closet Marie Kondo style, you’ll want to hang long, dark, and heavier items on the left, and then short and lighter items on the right. That way, it creates an effect of lightness in your closet. But first: you’ll want some hangers that are as nice as the clothes you put on them. These high-quality, slim hangers have a much greater chance of sparking joy than all the wire ones you got from a decade of dry cleaning. Below, a selection of hangers for every clothing need:

Basic pick: Velvet Suit Hangers

Does The Job

They’ll never go out of style. Amazon

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These smooth velvet hangers feature notched shoulders so your strappy summer dresses don’t collapse into a heap at the bottom of your closet. They’re also thin and basic enough to maximize space in your closet—not just for more clothes, but for a bit of breathing room between your beloved garments. The hangers can handle a load of up to 10 pounds, so winter jackets will rest easy.

For pants: ZOBER Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers

Maximize Storage

They’re also handy for skirts, dresses, scarves, and other accessories. Amazon

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Open-end pants hangers are one of those things that you don’t even know you need until you experience them: no more taking a hanger off the rack and struggling to slip your pair of pants inside the flattened triangular shape. These open-end hangers will let you frictionlessly slip on your pants over the rubber-coated design and keep ‘em in place.

For smaller areas: Meetu Pants Hangers 5 Layers Stainless Steel

Vertical Genius

Stack your items on top of each other if you don’t have much room. Amazon

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If you live in a city where closet space is rare and coveted, this layered pant hanger is a must for saving critical hanging room. Hang up to five pairs of pants on just one hanger with the convenient swing-out arms. It holds up to 30 pounds, so store your heavy trousers with ease.

Two-in-one: Premium Velvet Skirt Hangers (20 Pack)

Multiple Color Choices

Seamless use and easy to display. Amazon

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Some clothing items just need to be hung with clip hangers, and these velvet hangers do the job delicately, without damaging your soft fabrics. The clip hangers have vinyl tips on the insides to prevent any marks, and can be adjusted easily to fit a variety of garment widths. The hook swivels around with ease, and since the hangers are slim, it’ll let you get the most of your closet space.