Imagine you’ve put hours of hard work into baking the perfect sourdough bread. You retrieve the loaf from the oven and set it to rest in all its crusty glory. When it’s finally ready to be enjoyed, you’re going to have to cut into that work of art. So do your dough justice! If you don’t use a good bread knife, you’ll end up with mangled, uneven slices unfit for a sandwich. This would be a crumb-y shame. It takes a sharp serrated bread knife to achieve the right slice presentation and highlight the wonderful texture of home baked bread. Here are some of our favorite bread knives on the market today.

An awesome entry-level bread knife. Amazon

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This is a high-end knife for a low price. It’s a lengthy 10 inches, with a lightweight Santoprene handle and high carbon Japanese steel blade. The handle has grip points and is positioned at an angle with the blade to make it ergonomic for bread slicing. This blade isn’t fancy-looking, but it is extremely sharp and will slice your bread with no complications.

A showpiece in the kitchen. Amazon

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The blade on this gorgeous bread knife is a composite of 67-layered Damascus steel and Japanese VG-10 stainless steel. This makes for high quality and durability. The KYOKU Daimyo is an incredibly sharp knife that is comfortable to grip. It has a full tang handle, meaning the steel from the blade extends through the length of the handle, which allows for increased force when slicing. This knife doesn’t skimp on aesthetics either—it features a stunning wave pattern on the blade and a herringbone pattern on the contoured handle.

For the seasoned bake-smith. Amazon

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This beautiful 9-inch knife is crafted in Japan by the blade masters at Shun. It has a comfortable and ergonomic D-shaped handle made of PakkaWood and ebony. The steel is heat-treated for longer protection against corrosion and overall durability. The steel is also ultra-thin and therefore lighter and easier to maneuver. The wide serrations make this blade ideal for slicing bread. The Shun Classic is a knife fit for a pro kitchen.

Trusty German knife with attractive handle. Amazon

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This long Imarku bread knife features a 10-inch German stainless steel blade and 5-inch handle. The steel is high carbon for hardness and corrosion prevention. While this is a sharp and high quality knife for a low price, its Pakkawood handle has some flair to it and suggests you’re a baker who means business. This is a nice pick for someone who is committed to baking bread without breaking the bank.