The best bookends in 2024

Display your cookbooks and magazines.

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Many bookworms know their collection isn’t complete without a set of bookends to keep things in place. But bookends’ utility doesn’t end there. They’re a necessity for collectors of all kinds—DVDs, albums, CDs, magazines, cookbooks—making them a great purchase for any room.

Here are some of our favorites, in a range of styles and weights.

The best bookends: Reviews & Recommendations

Best wooden: Pandapark Wood Bookends

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These low-key wooden bookends bring a warm touch to any bookshelf. Reinforced with steel, and padded at the bottom, these can support a deceptive amount of weight. Beech wood compliments just about any color palette, making these a stylish choice for holding books, DVDs, and magazines.

Best marble: Fox Run Triangular Natural Polished White Marble Bookends

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Class up your bookshelf with these polished marble bookends from Fox Run. At eight pounds each, these are hefty enough to hold up anything you might want to display—from cookbooks in the kitchen to encyclopedias in a home office.

Best clear: MerryNine Plastic Acrylic Bookends

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MerryNine’s acrylic bookends are a perfect choice for someone seeking a thoroughly modern, unobtrusive solution for showing off their book collection. These dovetail well off of the larger acrylic trend, and would match with acrylic desk organizers or a sleek, glass coffee table.

Best basic: MaxGear Book Ends Universal Premium Bookends for Shelves

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These bookends are a great choice for anyone looking to emulate the library aesthetic, or for those seeking the most utilitarian choice. These 6-by-4.6-by-6-inch metal bookends are sturdy and safe, thanks to rounded corners and padded, non-slip bottoms. They’re able to hold even the heaviest of coffee table books—even if only one book is resting on a bookend—and boast scratch-resistant paint.