If you ride your bike in a city, you know that security from theft is a major concern. Often times locking your bike frame isn’t enough; the wheels and seat need to be secure, too. Here are our recommendations for different types of locks to consider for your various bike components, depending on your specific needs.

Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U Lock

A secure U Lock for bicyclists in the city. Amazon

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The U Lock is generally considered more secure than a cable lock. The Kryptonite New York Standard Bike Lock is larger than other U Locks on the market (it’s 4 by 8 inches), and thus is more likely to keep your bike safe in the city. This one also comes with a bracket you can install on your bike so that it’s easier to transport. You can register your keys with Kryptonite, and they will send you two replacements if you lose them.

Abus City Chain X-Plus 1060 110cm Bike Lock

A heavy-duty chain lock. Amazon

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One issue with U locks is that it’s not always possible to find a place to secure your bike that will fit the lock’s dimensions. Chain locks are a lot more flexible in that sense, so they are a solid alternative. This chain is 43 inches long and can easily lock both a wheel and the bike frame to a post. It also comes with a key code for a replacement key, should you need new ones.

Pinhead Seatpost/Saddle Lock

Keep your bike seat secure. Amazon

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If you’ve had your wheels or seat stolen, you know that one lock isn’t enough to make sure your bike, and all of its parts, are secure. The Pinhead Seatpost lock is an alternative to the quick-release post that are standard on most bikes. You use a coded key to lock the seat post to the frame of the bike and adjust the height of the seat when needed.

Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set

Don’t forget about the wheels. Amazon

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Finally, the last part of a bike that’s easily stolen: the wheels—particularly the front wheel. It can be tricky and not always possible to lock the wheel and frame with one U Lock. The Pinhead Locking Skewer Set comes with front and rear skewers that can only be unlocked with a specific Pinhead key, which has a nine-digit code so you can replace it with the company if you lose it.