Traveling with young kids and babies can be a tough and thankless task. Parents often have to deal with long lines, delays, unexpected accidents, and incessant crying. Single dads may not have access to changing stations and other parents may have to do a quick diaper change in the most inconvenient of locations. Occupying your child’s attention while on the road is no easy feat, either. Luckily, money helps alleviate some of these problems. Here are a selection of the best baby accessories for travel:

Hold your baby on your body four different ways. Amazon

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Lightweight, breathable, and soft, this baby carrier lets you take your infant baby around with you without the hassle of a stroller. You can carry your baby up to four different ways: facing inward with a narrow seat for newborns and smaller babies, facing in with a wider seat for bigger babies, facing out, and as a back-carry seat for older babies and toddlers. It also has a bib to protect your carrier and your clothing, and is machine-washable.

Anytime, anywhere. Amazon

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Have a handy, hygienic, and comfy changing station (hello, memory foam mattress for the head) for your baby always an option with this portable diaper changing pad. Not only does it come in a cute design, but this waterproof changing pad opens and folds shut easily with just one-hand and a Velcro close. It has a pocket for diapers, a wipes case, and a zipper pocket for baby creams and anything else you’d need to store. Plus, it’s guaranteed for lifetime and attaches easily to a stroller.

No more ‘are we there yet?’ questions from the backseat. Amazon

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To distract your kids on long car rides without giving them a smart phone, this travel tray is the perfect analog solution. It features a dry erase top to encourage hands-on creative pursuits like drawing, doodling, sketching, and also comes with pockets a plenty (fourteen mesh and two zipper pockets) to store snacks, toys, books, pacifiers, bottles, and whatever else you’d like.

Convenience is key. Amazon

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This heavy-duty child car seat travel bag is 100 percent waterproof and tear-resistant, which means you can safely protect your car seat when not in use and at the airport. It’s also lightweight and has an ergonomic shoulder strap, which makes for an easy carry. Available in a bright blue or purple, the bag also makes identifying your luggage at the airport a snap.

Keep it fresh. Amazon

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This airtight, three-layer insulated and wipeable lined container keeps your baby bottles (holds up to three bottles) full of breast milk warm or cold for hours. It’s the perfect solution for on-the-go feeding, and it attaches easily to strollers and diaper bags. BPA and phthalate-free, it also comes with an ice pack, and is handy for storing and carrying solid foods for when your baby is ready.

Baby-friendly. Amazon

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Some babies begin their toilet training at as young as six months. If your own child is a bathroom prodigy, this super convenient folding travel toilet seat grasps onto any toilet and is easy to use. It works well for toddlers in training, too.