Despite how much data and how many entertainment options we keep in the cloud, there are still times when you need to hold physical media in your hands. Even in an entirely digitized reality, printers still have their place.

Selecting the right printer comes down to expected use volume, specifics of the majority of your printing needs, and simple desk space. Here are a few reliable options.

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HP is a name you can trust when it comes to printers, and what sets the Tango X apart is that it’s designed to work with smartphones. Sleek, compact, and wireless, it doesn’t demand a lot of precious desk space, and you can send print commands to it from literally anywhere. The Tango can also sync with Alexa or Cortana to provide entirely hands-free printing. Print documents or photos right from your phone. It may not be the best for high volume printing (the feed tray is pretty small) but for quick day-to-day use you can’t beat the convenience and small footprint.

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The PIXMA is another mobile-friendly option connectable via Wi-fi from iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, thought it’s a bit bulkier and more suited to heavy print volume. It functions as both a printer and a scanner, and it churns out pages at a rate of 9.9 images per minute. Simple to connect and set-up, it’s a solid argument for clearing off a little extra space somewhere in your home office.

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As the name suggests, the “EcoTank” combines power with environmental responsibility. It’s completely cartridge-less, which reduces waste significantly. The ink bottles it comes with are equivalent to 80 (!) individual print cartridges, and are guaranteed to last for two years (one refill also comes with the initial box). You’re saving money and the planet, while handling all of your printing needs. Not a lot of devices can boast that. And with a 100-sheet capacity, the EcoTank is up for heavy-duty usage, too.