Unlike other articles of clothing, you can’t simply throw a belt in the dirty clothes at the end of the day—and getting them to stay rolled up in a drawer when not in use is nearly impossible. With a belt rack, you’ll easily be able to hang up your belt and other accessories like ties or necklaces, beautifully displayed for the next morning or a quick evening outfit change. Great belt racks, however, aren’t one size fits all. You want to make sure your rack has the right amount of storage, the proper dimensions, and a complementary design to store your collection. Read on to learn about some of our favorite products plus a few tips for finding the right model for you and your closet.


This unit can hold eight large items, 11 smaller ones, and features a wire tray to hold all your outfit accouterments. It can be installed in any room of the house, thoughtfully sized, and easy to clean. mDesign

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If you are hoping to maximize your storage space while clearing up clutter, look for a belt rack that is multi-purpose. Some of the best will include a separate tray for sunglasses or jewelery, longer hooks for hats, or grip coating for holding ties.


This tool measures 15 inches wide and comes with everything to hang it up. With 27 hooks, all your important items are visible and ready to wear—no more searching for your favorite accessory. ClosetMaid

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It’s essential to select a belt rack that is easy to install. Don’t get caught up for hours trying to read confusing directions or running to the hardware store to grab extra materials. The best models will come with all the installation gear necessary and be easy to put up in your home safely. Just make sure you double-check your space’s measurements before purchasing.


This helpful tool will fit inside your wardrobe, with a stainless steel 360-degree rotating hook and 14 symmetrical slots. It features an elevated ridge to keep your collection from sliding off. HOUNDSBAY

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Some of the best belt racks don’t need to be mounted at all. If you are a little tight on wall space, look for a rack attached to a traditional hanger hook; that way, you can easily keep your belts in the closet. These models are great for seamless, sleek storage.