Bedside table lamps to brighten your sleep space

Have a good night beside one of these beauties.

Great lamps for next to your bed.Adam Winger via Unsplash

As with any item related to your sleep, you’ll want to make the right investment—and that includes a bedside lamp. Whether you’re a late-night reader or prefer to illuminate your room without any overhead bulbs, a lamp can provide a function and be a creature comfort. You’ll want one with a fabric, material, and overall design to fit your bedroom’s aesthetic, and you also may want certain advanced options, such as a USB port. Here are some of the top lamps to fit your style and needs.

Industrial Vintage Nightstand Lamp
Keep it chic yet thoughtful with this light.Amazon

This industrial lamp brings a throwback appeal to your bedroom—dimmable Edison bulb included. If you’re looking for a warehouse vibe that’s striking yet unassuming, you may love this option’s metal body and base, as well as its USB ports for charging your phone.

Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Table Desk Lamp
With a white shade and a colorful base, what’s not to love?Amazon

This is the lamp that nearly any person of any generation would like. With a classy nickel base and a curved ceramic body that comes in three distinct colors, including a cool rusted orange, this small appliance adds character to a room. It measures 20 inches tall and 11 inches wide.

Boncoo Bedside Touch Lamp
Bedroom accessories don’t get more convenient.Amazon

If you are a person who organizes your charging cables and never has enough outlets, this dimmable lamp would make an excellent addition to your space. It’s touch-controlled and has three brightness settings, so you can quietly turn it on and off without any disturbance. It’s made of a mix of TC cloth, wood, and metal, bringing a modern yet classic look to any surface.

Ben Regency Hill Traditional Table Lamps
Classic finish.Amazon

This stately lamp set carries an air of dignity and will last for years to come. They’re sturdily made of mostly metal and fit a wide range of interior designs, thanks to their traditional candlestick base and neutral tones. If you’re looking for reliable reading aids without the fuss, consider these ultra classic picks.