Jigsaw puzzles are one of those universally beloved items that can inspire people of any age or walk of life to bond and work together. You’ve probably seen many in-progress or finished puzzles on your social feeds, too, since lots of people love to show off their work. Given the range of options out there, jigsaw puzzles with the right piece count, size, and imagery can become so engrossing that their assemblers don’t notice an entire rainy Sunday has gone by. Below are some excellent puzzle options to absorb your hours.

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If museums aren’t an option, no problem—bring the artwork home to you. This three-piece set includes famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, and each finished puzzle is only six by four inches. The unconventionally small pieces are made of thick, environmentally friendly paper. Young assemblers can pick up creative and cognitive skills, while adult assemblers can relax and unwind without burning through an entire day.

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For a less traditional exercise, this round puzzle requires you to assemble its vivid, sturdy pieces in concentric circles. The finished product is about 27-inches in diameter. The reverse sides of the pieces, which are made of recycled paper, are marked with letters to make this challenging puzzle a bit simpler to assemble. Once you’re done, you can marvel at a vivid work of art and its many distinct details.

For the celestial among us. Amazon

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If you want a high-quality puzzle bursting with energy and universally beloved, this is the pick for you. Learn more about the galaxy by assembling this expertly crafted portrait of the galaxy, or give it as a gift to pretty much anyone. The finished product is about 27 inches by 20 inches, and the pieces meticulously interlock for a rewarding and practical challenge.

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Transport yourself to another landscape with this contemporary art piece by a late modernist artist known for his portraits of wildlife. The puzzle’s simple, yet intricate depiction of a U.S. National Park is equally calming and charming. The completed puzzle is only about 20 inches by 25 inches, so you can leave it out for days and contemplate a slower pace of life.