Cutting boards made from natural materials are a sustainable and stylish alternative to traditional plastic boards, and bamboo boards stand tall among them as some the best you can buy. Bamboo—which is technically a grass, and not a wood—grows extremely fast, making it an easily renewable resource and a safe and sanitary choice for kitchen use. With the right care and attention, a bamboo board can offer years of use as both a cutting board and a serving tray, all while looking way spiffier than any plastic board ever could.

Here are some of our favorite bamboo cutting boards on the market today.

Two-tone, BPA-free and all-natural. Amazon

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This extra large bamboo cutting board from Greener Chef offers 450 square inches of chopping surface area, making it perfect for cutting larger veggies and meat without worrying about a spillover. The drip grooves along the edge of one side keep moisture off your countertop, and the other side is perfectly flat if you want to flip it over and use it as a serving tray. Condition it with walnut oil and you’ve got yourself one smooth board that never splits.

Naturally finished with sunflower oil. Amazon

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If you’re in need of more than one board, grab this set of two 17-inch-by-12-inch bamboo cutting boards from Utopia Kitchen. Having two separate boards is a great system that allows you to designate one for meats and one for produce, or that just keeps your cooking process uninterrupted when you’re chopping multiple items at a time. These particular boards are designed with deep liquid-stopping edge grooves and are easy to clean with warm water.

Carve your meals without sliding around. Amazon

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This reversible butcher board from Bambusi is a stylish, 1.5-inch-thick piece of bamboo designed specifically for carving meat or other large items that tend to slide around smooth surfaces. One side bears deep ridges in the center that hold your food in place as well as drip grooves to catch any stray liquid, and the other side is a perfectly flat surface for cutting cheese, fruit and any other complimentary items. Its presentable appearance and thick design make it a great choice if you’re looking to carve your meal and serve it all in one step.