Baking is an art form so, fittingly, it requires very specialized sets of tools. Keeping it all organized and neat can be as challenging as whipping up the perfect meringue, however, as anyone with a cabinet full of loose sprinkles and randomly, half-filled tins of baking powder can attest.

Keeping your baking accessories handy, organized, and (as needed) portable will make sure you don’t waste time looking for what you need.

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The perfect way to tame your maxed-out pantry, this set is a dream for anyone who struggles with leaky flour bags, unknown amounts of half-empty brown sugar containers, and other symptoms of a disorganized and messy storage system. The Chef’s Path set comes with 6 BPA-free containers of varying sizes—the extra large end of the spectrum holds 18.2 cups of your desired ingredient, while the smaller end holds a not-insignificant 7.6 cups—that all seal air tight. You’ll also get a chalkboard pen and 8 re-useable chalkboard labels, as well as a selection of measuring cups-slash-scoops. In addition to flour and toppings, the containers can easily used for coffee, cereal, rice, and pretty much anything else.

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It’s not just the individual ingredients that need storage care, it’s also the tools you use to shape, stretch, and bake it all. The stainless steel wire bracket dividers can be moved around to adjust to a variety of sizes, making the rack idea for handling awkwardly-shaped items like cake pans or muffin tins as easily as it can handle basic cookie sheets and cutting boards. It doesn’t require any mounting or installation, and mercifully saves you from clattering around in cupboards and pantries looking for the perfect pan or tin. When it comes to moving quickly and efficiently in the heat of the baking moment, it’s the little things like this that make all the difference.

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Having a place to keep your fresh-from-the-oven creations while they cool is an often overlooked part of the baking experience, especially if your specialty is cookies. This Wilton cooling rack expands into a 16-inch, 3-tier cooling station that can handle sheet after sheet of cookies without slowing you down. Easy to store and equally easy to clean with just soap and water, it’s not reinventing the wheel but it is beefing up the cooling rack.

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It is the secret 9-by-13-inch muffin tin compartment that makes it. This duffle-style bag from Everything Mary is made for those who like to bring their baking skills to others’ kitchens, or who can’t think of traveling without the right spatulas, cake trimmers, and spoons. Constructed of coated polyester with chrome zippers, the bag is designed to be durable as well as stylish and functional. It can hold an array of cake pans and baking sheets either in its main hold or in a zippered pouch underneath (the aforementioned muffin tin stash), and has a sleeve for a variety of utensils and other tools. A must for bakers on the move.