Hot, sweaty weather are only made better with a cool drink and plenty of shade. Investing in a backyard umbrella means so many more comfy days spent outside—minus all the stickiness and heat exhaustion. They’ll add a splash of color to your outdoor area and some of them even include LED lights. We found a few of the sturdiest, most weather-resistant umbrellas out there for the ultimate cool-off experience.

Fits 4-6 chairs underneath. Amazon

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The whole crew can comfortably gather underneath this 9-foot umbrella, which covers a maximum of six chairs. Choose from seven different colors, including a bright cherry red and baby blue, and enjoy eight steadfast ribs and a wind vent, which helps the umbrella stay put during breezy days.

Shade for up to 79 square feet. Amazon

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This 10-foot umbrella offers plenty of protection from the sun, covering up to 79 square feet of shade. The straightforward crank design makes it quick and efficient to open and close, while the polyester fabric protects against 98 percent of UV rays. Choose from six solid colors, all of which are fade resistant.

Enjoy a twinkly evening. Amazon

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Cool off in the evenings under this LED-equipped umbrella. You’ll find a moment of relaxation surrounded by solar-powered twinkle lights, which last between 9-12 hours. The design is easy to set up and break down, thanks to its crank handle and detachable pole, so you’ll spend more time lounging and less time building. Choose between 7.5-foot, 9-foot, and 11-foot umbrellas, all of which are water-, fade-, and UV-resistant.

Get shade wherever you want it. Amazon

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An auto-tilt feature on the Tempera umbrella makes finding shade super easy. The 9-foot structure comes equipped with a crank that allows you to easily adjust the umbrella’s position, as the sun moves throughout the day. You’ll be covered for up to 54 inches of shade and can count on the wind vent to protect you from temperamental weather.