Being a parent or caregiver can give you a new appreciation for all the sounds present in our world. Some sounds—like your heartbeat, or your voice—can deepen your bond and signal warmth and security. Other sounds can inspire your baby to give voice to surprisingly powerful sounds of their own. As you influence and discover the sonic preferences of your growing little one, you can use sound to soothe them as part of naptime routines or transitions between environments. These sound machines were designed just for babies, and offer lights and noises with the potential to allow both parent and infant to get some much-needed slumber.

Let them know it will be owl-right. Amazon

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Strap this portable sound machine to your stroller and head out for an adventure knowing that you have eight sounds at your disposal when your baby gets a little fussy. The belly of this adorable owl lights up for use at night, and two speakers on either side of the owl play pleasing audio from rock-a-bye-baby to a heartbeat. A convenient timer makes it easy to run the machine for a half-hour or hour on car trips, or all through the night. Fully charge the battery in as little as 1.5 hours with a USB cable for up to 38 hours of use.

It’s OK to have one in your room, too. Amazon

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There’s something about the sound machine that feels like a friendly invitation to relax. When you turn on the built-in projector and see your ceiling light up with colorful stars, it feels downright magical. Customize a sleep routine for any setting with a choice of melodies, white noise, heartbeat, or nature sounds, paired with projections of single color or rotating color stars. The machine is battery-powered, BPA-free, and shuts off after 30 minutes when (hopefully) your baby is sound asleep.

Help them fall asleep to their favorite bedtime music. Amazon

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Does your baby get sleepy listening to Coldplay or the Rolling Stones? Find out—and use that knowledge to your advantage—with this smart Bluetooth sound machine disguised as a jar full of fireflies. Sync the rechargeable device with your smartphone or tablet to play whatever music or audiobooks you’d like, or choose from six lullabies, white noise, heartbeat, and wave sounds. The different modes of the nightlight make it appear that fireflies or fairies are dancing in the jar for a unique bedtime experience. With the unlimited content options the wireless speakers provide, older kids can work with you to design their own routine that makes bedtime something they’ll eagerly anticipate.