The glow of a night light can offer a reassuring sense of place when your little one wakes up in the dark. They’re also a lovely way for you to check on your child without disturbing their slumber. Night lights designed for kids go beyond traditional plug-in units to rechargeable lights in an array of cute shapes and colors. Here are our favorites.

Remote control: LumiPets LED Bear Silicone Night Light

Set A Timer

Almost as good as a pet. Amazon

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See this adorable bear (or rabbit or cat) light become your child’s new bedtime pal when it’s sleepy-time. This cordless night light is made from soft, washable silicone and powered with a USB cable. Choose a single color from nine different options including white, blue, orange, and soft pink, or let the light cycle through all the colors for a relaxing mini light show. With the remote, parents can set a timer so the light goes off when your baby is (hopefully) fast asleep.

Science-inspired: LOGROTATE Moon Lamp

Dream Big

Goodnight, star. Amazon

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With this neat lamp, bring the wonders of the moon into your nursery and make your baby feel like the center of the universe. The 4.8-inch orb rests on a wooden stand, can glow 16 different colors, and features a surface designed to replicate actual satellite images of the moon’s craters. Keep the light dim, or when you’re soothing or feeding a crying infant, step up the brightness to see what you’re doing without having to turn on an overhead light. Children can cradle the cordless lamp in their hands—or you can delight your baby by changing the moon’s colors by touch as you read to them. Charge it fully with the USB cable to enjoy up to 15 hours of battery life.

Simply charming: Tecboss Kids Night Light

Cluck Them In At Night

Gently rock the chicken on a flat surface to see it wobble in its egg, and feel grateful your baby isn’t old enough to start asking which came first. Amazon

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This chicken in an egg is made especially for tiny humans from silicone and ABS plastic, and will bring a sense of playfulness to your baby’s sleep routine. Its gentle warm light can be dimmed by pressing and holding the top of the chicken’s head, and it charges with a USB cable to give you up to 8 hours of light at the brightest setting.

Puppy-powered: Copper Life LED Night Light for Kids

These Just Get Cuter And Cuter

Don’t worry, it doesn’t bark. Amazon

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When this hound is around, your baby can fall asleep to warm or cool LED light in the shape of an enchanting puppy. Children over the age of 3 can treat the BPA-free silicone pupper more like a toy, or a pet that shares part of their bed. The 30-60 minute sleep timer is a nice function for afternoon naps, and with a full charge the light can last up to 15 hours in its brightest mode. To adjust the brightness, just boop the pup’s nose.