As every parent knows, there’s that period of time between newborn and toddler where a baby wants to move around and play but is hampered by their body’s refusal to be able to handle much more than “flop.” You need something to entertain them while supporting their still-developing bones and musculature. That’s why geniuses invented the baby swing.

A great combination of motion and activity with support and safety, a good baby swing will reward your child with countless hours of amusement while affording mom and dad some well-earned rest.

More than meets the eye. Amazon

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No one wants to or expects to completely abdicate their parenting responsibilities to a baby swing—but with this one, you almost could. Less a “swing” as it is an all-around baby comfort pod, the Graco has 3 adjustable swing speeds as well as two separate vibration levels and three recline levels. It also has a broad range of soothing sound options including white noise and nature sounds, and even has cry detection capabilities—the swing adjusts if the baby starts crying. It’s top-line baby tech.

It’s all fun and games. Amazon

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Although a little limited in its swing ability—it offers two basic modes, side to side or head to toe—this one makes up for it with its all-around playability. From the puppy dog padded backing to the dangling mobile to the music and background sound effects options, its a certainly not something you’ll have to wrestle a baby into. Getting them out might be a different story.

No frills, but still cute. Amazon

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A simple but cute design defines this canvas and wood swing set. Able to be constructed without screws or bolts, this swing can be moved inside and out easily, and is secured by two sturdy clip hooks capable of supporting up to 88 pounds. Available in a deep gray or bright pink, it’s a great option for those with limited space for tons of baby gear. Just be warned that the back is a little low, so you may need to supply some extra neck support for very young babies.

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This Bluetooth enabled rocking chair looks like some kind of nursery pod sent back from the distant future. But what’s great is that the chair connects to phone app that lets you remotely control the swing speed and even offers multiple swing variations, from “rock-a-bye” to “car ride” in which the pod bounces and sways in different directions. The breathable mesh fabric won’t overheat a little one already zipped inside a onesie, and there’s even a dangling mobile.