How much you should weigh your infant at home will depend on guidance from your pediatrician. For breast-feeding mothers monitoring how much milk was consumed in a feeding, you’ll likely want to rent a special scale or make a big investment. However, the average at-home baby scale will give you a general sense of your child’s progress between doctor’s visits. These four choices are reasonably priced and can be used for small pets or toddlers, too.

The best: Salter Baby/Toddler Scale 44 lb Capacity

Easy Conversions

Watch them double their birth weight. Amazon

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Gently place your infant in the curved plastic tray to capture their weight in 0.5oz increments. The zero function makes it possible to account for the weight of diapers and clothing, so you can easily add a soft blanket to the scale to make them more comfortable. Convert the scale to a cute bear-shaped toddler scale that holds up to 44 pounds by removing the tray. The LCD screen can display measurements in either the metric system (kilograms) or the imperial system (pounds).

Great value: Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

Cheerful Design

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The pleasant bird, flower, and other yellow accents on this scale may not make your baby coo, but they are cheerful and decidedly non-clinical. This scale is designed to measure in gradations of 0.2 ounces and has non-slip rubber feet to minimize movement. Cover the curved platform with a soft towel or throw to make a cozy surface for your baby to lie on. The auto-hold feature will lock in your baby’s weight when they are still, but if they’re extra active, you can manually press the hold button to get a reading within three seconds.

Most versatile: Mommed Baby Scale

Also Measures How Tall Your Child Is

For a secure fit, the tray connects to the rest of the base with swivel locks. Amazon

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You can measure your baby’s height up to 29 inches with the built-in ruler at the center of the slightly-rounded tray on this scale. Remove the tray and use the scale to measure people and pets up to 220 pounds. This offers another possibility to weigh squirmy infants: get on the scale with your child and tare your weight. The backlit LCD screen displays clear readings, and the scale runs on two AAA batteries.

Upgrade pick: Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale

Hold Those Wiggles

People who foster cats and have a small infant (superheroes, in other words), will find this model especially useful. Amazon

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Tanita makes high-end scales for lactation consultants, as well as more affordable models for regular use. This digital pediatric scale is strong and simple and measures in gradations of an ounce up to a capacity of 44 pounds. The deep tray can be taken off of the scale for cleaning as needed.