Baby monitors to help you keep an eye on things from the other, more interesting room

You can check in on them around the clock, and even monitor vital signs.

baby sleeping
Check in from the other room.Kevin

Being a parent can be stressful, and often new parents want to keep a constant eye on their infant. Luckily, a baby monitor will let you check in on them during sleep time or even if you’re just out of the room for a moment. We’ve compiled a list of great options for parents: everything from audio and video monitoring tools to a smart sock that checks vital signs.

Vtech Audio Baby Monitor
Classic choice.Amazon

If you’re not looking for anything too fancy, the Vtech Audio Baby Monitor is perfect. It is a basic audio-only baby monitor with a two-way connection, which allows you to chat with your little one to help soothe them when you’re out of the room. It also has 1,000 feet of range so you can be sure to hear your baby from anywhere in the house. The 5-level volume indicator helps you know when your baby is fussing or upset. This is a great option for any parent.

Hello Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt
A way to keep watch.Amazon

This monitor not only helps you keep an eye on your baby, but their entire room. If something is upsetting them, you can easily see them and the environment nearby. It also has a two-way talk feature that allows you to soothe your baby from wherever you are. This monitor also has a night-vision feature and the ability to play a comforting lullaby if you choose. This is a great option for anyone who wants more than just an audio connection to their child.

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor
Add up to three devices.Amazon

The Anmeate Video Baby Monitor has all the features of other video baby monitors, such as a quality LCD screen and HD night vision so you can keep a close eye on them. It also goes a step further with the ability to monitor the room’s temperature, which is perfect especially for when your baby isn’t feeling well. Changes in room temperature can affect an infant, so being able to monitor that factor during the cold winter or roasting summer months is a great feature.

eufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor
Easiest to attach to surfaces. Amazon

Eufy SpaceView baby monitor comes with a panning camera that can view 330 degrees across and 110 degrees up and down. The SpaceView also has a wide-angle lens attachment and a microphone for two-way audio. It will alert you when your baby starts crying and let you watch the footage—it’s got both daytime and night-vision—on a five-inch monitor in 720 resolution.