Being a first-time parent is already nerve-wracking enough and then you have to pick where your baby will sleep for at least the next two years of their life. That’s a big decision. While yes, every parent wants a cute crib to go with their Instagram-friendly nursery, it’s also important to think about comfort for you and the baby. Does it fit in your home? Is it easily accessible in the middle of the night? Do you need built-in storage or portability? So many factors. Take a look at our favorites available right now to make an informed decision.

Move it where you need it. Amazon

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For those parents with limited space or would like to keep the baby close in their room, this lightweight crib can easily move and attach to the bed. When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, you can use one of the seven height positions available to reach in and soothe the baby. It has two side-pockets for all essentials like bottles or pacifiers. The built-in wheels allow you to roll it anywhere in the home for quick naps too. Fully supportive and breathable all around and suitable for newborns and babies up to five months old.

Simple yet modern. Amazon

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Kids sure do grow up fast and this 4-in-1 crib accompanies them on that journey as it changes from crib to toddler bed to daybed and finally, full-size bed with a headboard. It meets all of the ASTM and CPSC safety standards at every transformation as well. You can also change the mattress height to three different levels. The crib’s simple design allows it to fit into any parent’s vision for the nursery and shift as the child’s interests evolve. Just add a mattress and check off this item off your list for the next five years at least.

Everything you need in one spot. Amazon

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Babies sure have a lot of things, especially after you throw a baby shower. If you have issues with storage in your home, this crib is especially helpful as it has a changing table and small three-drawer dresser attached. Made out of New Zealand pinewood, you can easily adjust the crib to match your baby’s current stage. You can also convert it into a mini daybed and a regular twin-sized bed when it’s time. The overall size of this crib makes it perfect for city living and small apartments where space is a luxury.

Baby on the move. Amazon

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Equipped with wheels and safety lock mechanisms to keep it parked while you’re not moving, this crib fits with any nursery theme and provides much-needed portability. It has three levels of mattress support and can support your child through newborn all the way to toddler when you turn it into a daybed. The wheels can be removed if needed or reattached in case you need to move the crib temporarily into your room. Sometimes parents need flexibility and this sturdy wood crib is just that.