Washing your hands is a must if you want to keep germs and bacteria away. It is recommended you wash up when coughing, blowing your nose, using the restroom, before and after eating, and much more. Elevate your germ-free game by getting yourself an automated soap dispenser, essentially eliminating contact with the bacteria that can live on bars and pump dispensers. Many of us associate automatic dispensers with airport, school, or gas station bathrooms which often don’t work, and definitely don’t fit in nicely with your personal home aesthetic. Fear not! We have found the best-automated soap dispensers that are not only reliable and easy to use but will compliment your bathroom or kitchen decor.

Modern art for a modern clean. Amazon

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This dispenser is sleek, easy to use, and great for any kitchen or bathroom in your home. It can hold 10.25 ounces of liquid soap so you’ll rarely have to refill. All you need to get this little guy up and running is four AAA batteries and your favorite hand soap. It is equipped with a state of the art, hyper-sensitive infrared sensor, so all you have to do is hold your hand under the nozzle and it will dispense 1 milliliter of soap. For tougher messes or a heavy-duty wash, simply keep your hand underneath the opening for another 2 seconds and it will pump again. As time goes on, check the discreet, yet visible soap scale so you know when to refill; you’ll know when to replace the batteries because an LED indicator light will begin to flash. This QOSDA dispenser is water-proof, touch-free, and beautifully designed.

Clean hands for the whole family. Amazon

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This touch-free dispenser from Askita is a great way to get your kids excited about washing their hands. First and foremost, it is specifically designed to dispense foam soap, which we all know is an automatic draw for any child when it comes to hygiene. Simply add your favorite foaming soap or make your own by mixing together 1 part ordinary soap and 4 parts water. Our foaming friend can hold 280ml of liquid. This dispenser is waterproof and made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, so if your toddler goes rogue you won’t have to worry about any damage.

Simple, straightforward design. Amazon

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This dispenser from Apanage is a great way to get clean hands without any added mess or stress. It can hold up to 250 milliliters of hand soap, sanitizer, or dish soap, so you might as well get three for all your cleaning needs. With a double waterproof base and rubber seals, you’re dispenser will be in business for the long haul. With three different settings, you can choose to receive 1.5, 2.5, or 3 milliliters of soap. You can also use the on/off control button to preserve battery power if you know you won’t need to wash for a while. Your Apanage dispenser will come with 4 AAA batteries and a cleaning sponge, so you won’t have any excuse to get any grime to go away.

That’s one clean finish. Amazon

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This is another great product from Qosda. It has all of the great features found in the previous model, but it’s even bigger. This is a great product for larger counter spaces, frequent visitors, or more roommates. It can hold 400ml of liquid (100 more than the previous model) and measures 8.7 by 2.8 inches. We also can’t get over the lighter wood finish. Choose between your favorite dish soap for the kitchen or hand soap for the bathroom and watch this thing work its magic, you won’t be disappointed.