Automatic cat feeders will cut down on your pet’s angry, pre-dawn calls for food as well as any anxiety you feel about arriving home in time for their dinner. With an automatic feeder, you can stay for one more drink without fear that Mittens will simply perish if she doesn’t receive nourishment at the right time (her words, not ours). Not only can you keep up a consistent schedule, but an automatic feeder can also help keep your cat on an accurately portioned diet. We’ve put together this little guide to help you find the right feeder for you and your favorite feline.



If you anticipate being away from your cat for more than a day at a time, look for a model with a large capacity, programmable portion amounts, and the technology to keep food fresh. You can also find an automatic feeder equipped with fun features to help you feel connected when you’re away. Some will let you record a voice memo that plays during mealtime, while others might include a camera so you can get a glimpse of your favorite little guy or gal.



It’s no secret that pets will try to steal their sibling’s food, even when you know they are already full. An automatic feeder doesn’t necessarily need to time out each meal to be effective; some models are designed to be filled by hand but only activate when the right cat comes along. They rely on microchips, which function as keys to unlock the dish, automatically closing when your cat walks away. Make sure you check with your vet before purchasing to ensure you’ve found a compatible model with your cat’s chip.



If you aren’t interested in plugging in yet another appliance or you simply don’t have a power outlet next to your cat’s feeding place, go for a battery-powered model. You can even look for one with a dual-power supply, so you can use an adaptor when the electricity is available and rely on the battery when you’re on the go. We know how picky cats can be, so if you’re packing for a road trip and don’t want to rely on foreign dishes and bowls to feed your automatic feeder-accustomed feline, a battery-powered model will let you easily bring the unit along.