Just like smartphones and laptops, smartwatches are delicate, accident-prone devices that need protection from life’s unfortunate, unpredictable mishaps. Apple Watch cases provide full coverage with scratch-resistant, touch-sensitive, bumpers, and more. Plus, cases are an accessory that can be color-coordinated with your band to match or enhance your Apple Watch style. No matter the environment or situation, prevent serious scratches, dents, and cracks with these Apple Watch cases.

A Snug Fit with No Bulk

A sleek, simple, and lightweight design with raised edge guard protects the screen from accidentally smashing into hard surfaces. elkson

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Always keep in mind the material a case is made out of. Cases constructed from scratch-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, are especially elastic and resistant to oil, grease, and abrasion. Tempered glass and shock-proof glass screens are durable for long-lasting protection.

Several Colorful Options

An ultra-thin, multilayered frame presents original, clear image quality while maintaining touch sensitivity. Charging port is easily accessible. VASG

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Consider the fit of your Apple Watch case. Cases, especially ones with bumpers, shouldn’t be bulky. Instead, they should have a snug fit with precise cutouts that work smoothly with the buttons and watch crown.

Full Transparency and Durability

This dual, durable, see-through set allows easy access to all buttons with a minimalist, invisible design. BRG

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Make sure the cases you buy are compatible with your Apple Watch model. Many newer cases are not only compatible with the current series 6 watch, but series 5 and 4 as well. Case sizes range from 38mm to 44mm.