Most of us understand the pain that comes with having thighs that touch, inner arms that rub, and other sensitive areas that need some extra attention when it comes to chafing. It can happen to anyone and everyone due to sweaty skin coming into contact with friction from fabric or other body parts; no one is safe from the chafe. Nothing can ruin a summer day or work out more than needing to stop your favorite activities because of newly inflamed, irritated skin. These products are easy to use and your best chance at relief. Don’t let chafing get in the way of wearing what you want.

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The Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm is a great way to protect any part of your body from the dreaded effects of chafing. If your thighs rub together, if your backpack irritates your shoulders, if your armpits hit your surfboard, if your chest rubs against your shirt, then this is going to be the balm for you. Just rub the stick over any area you think might need attention before you get dressed and you’ll be ready to roll. Body Glide is a vegan, mess-free, allergen-free, plant-derived barrier between your skin and anything it might encounter. It does all this while letting your skin breathe and sweat naturally, plus, it won’t stain your clothing. You can get this stick in a variety of sizes, all of which easily fit inside a purse or bag. Stay active and have fun without fear.

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Get rid of chafing all day without reapplying or adjusting. These shorts from TomboyX are a great way to keep your thighs separate and they’ll do the trick for any and all bodies. You can wear them under work out shorts, dresses, and pretty much any other article of clothing. Get the length you want by choosing between 4.5″, 6″, and 9″ styles; we’ve chosen the 4.5″ for maximum comfort that won’t be visible under a shorter hemline. All of TomboyX’s products are eco-friendly and ethically made so you can feel good knowing that your body is being hugged by the best. Get ready to give your all to daily activities knowing you’re protected no matter what.

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If you are looking for the fastest, easiest way to get prevent chafing, then the Trislide Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray might be for you. Originally popular for those who need to slink into a tight wetsuit, this spray is great for any physical activity that might put you in chafing’s way. It’s fragrance free, sweat + water-resistant, safe to use on fabric, and won’t melt or crumble. It’s also non-contact, so you can share it with pals safely and securely without spreading bacteria.

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No matter what we do to prepare, inevitably, chafing may occur which is why it’s important to stock up on products that can soothe your skin post rub. The CeraVe Healing Ointment is a great way to get relief when your skin is screaming. It’s formulated with three ceramides and hyaluronic acid (which dermatologists agree is great for your skin) to help keep moisture in and while keeping germs out. It’s great for sensitive skin, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and won’t irritate those with Eczema. Give your skin a break by coating it with an ointment designed to tackle the toughest chafing challenges.