When did you start using your smartphone to tell time? At some point, many of us began awaking to the sound of programmed alarms and reaching into our pockets to double-check we weren’t running late. But with an analog watch, you can get the most key function of telling the time without the eye strain. These days, analog watches also have some of the key features of their technologically advanced counterparts, such as water-resistant abilities. Below are some analog watches that can fit anyone’s style.

Pairs well with business wear or everyday clothes. Amazon

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This black, 34-millimeter watch made with mostly resin is an approachable yet stylish choice. The circular white face looks confident and contrasts well with the band. It has an easy, adjustable buckle closure to make daily wear even more convenient. The resin glass window can withstand an active, urban lifestyle. It’s mostly water-resistant, but don’t take this one swimming. If you’re up for other colors or styles, Casio carries a wide selection of analog options.

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Even though this 36-millimeter watch comes in several eye-popping hues, it’s a clean addition to any outfit. The word Aaren is borrowed from the Danish term that means “to add color and fun.” It has a stainless-steel bezel and case and a silicon band, and offers linear and numerical indexes. With neutrals or shades such as clear green, neon pink, and a subtle light blue, you can’t go wrong with this sleek, modern-looking accessory.

Not everything holds up across decades, but this watch does. Amazon

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A black, leather-banded watch can turn your ensemble from drab to mildly, even exceptionally, professional. It’s one of those watches that you can give as a gift to pretty much anyone who you’d expect to go on a date or a job interview. With a stainless steel case, scratch-resistant mineral, and Quartz movement, this 39-millimeter watch exudes timelessness.

The quintessential mix of steel and shine doesn’t reinvent the wheel, in a good way. Amazon

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If mixed metal is more your speed, this gold and stainless steel watch is a quality option. You can guarantee it’ll stay secure on your wrist across any activity with a fold-over, double-push closure. The sapphire crystal face can also handle a scratch or two, and you can buff them out. As a bonus, it will even tell you what day of the week and date it is.