canon ae-1 camera on a table
Not every analog camera requires a lesson to operate or $1,000 to buy. Chris Lawton via Unsplash

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the incessant tweaking and sharing of digital photography. Analog cameras are a charming way to make memories that will exist on a physical plane. Find some affordable, easy-to-navigate analog cameras below.

Accessories included: Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 90

Works In Low Light

This option features a ‘party mode,’ which brightens up dark scenes, and a ‘kids mode,’ to capture moving subjects like pets and children. Amazon

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This instant analog camera produces credit card-sized photos that you can stick in your wallet or use to make a fun collage on your refrigerator. It auto-adjusts the flash and shutter speed, so you don’t have to do anything but point and shoot. You can even do double exposures to get fancy. This camera is easy to use and durable, which makes it great for young folks and parties.

Indoor and outdoor use: Fujifilm QuickSnap 35mm Camera

One-Time Use

This duo of devices each takes 27 photos before the film needs to be developed. Amazon

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Add more spontaneity and surprise into your life with a camera that won’t let you immediate look at the photo you just took. Fuji disposable cameras help you capture the energy and the movement of a single moment. Experience the pleasure of the party, vacation, or sunset all over again when it comes time to develop your images.

Plastic body: Holga 120N

Minimal Controls

This model can produce stunning photos featuring vignetting due to its construction. Amazon

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This toy camera’s plastic body means the images are prone to light leaks, so no photo will come out just as you expect. It produces saturated photos and gives a choice between f/8 (cloudy conditions) or f/11 (for sunny conditions) and a zone focus system to get shots as close as three inches away. This camera also comes with film.

Built-in printer: Zink Polaroid Snap

Comes In Five Colors

A modern take on a classic, you can expand the memory of this machine using a microSD card. Amazon

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This chic Polaroid camera has the charm of the cameras your parents loved—plus a 10-megapixel sensor and microSD card. The modern fixings empower this camera to take high-quality images that you can save and print in one minute. Prints come out on peel-to-stick 2×3-inch photo paper. There’s also a selfie timer.

Multiple shot types: Lomography Lomo’Instant Automat

Compact Design

A mirror is next to the lens, allowing you to take selfies with this analog choice. Amazon

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Lomography is known for its toy cameras, and this instant camera is one of the most advanced on the market. It auto-adjusts shutter speed, aperture, and flash and comes with bonus lenses for close-ups, fisheye shots, and wide angles.