When Beyoncé sang about having “hot sauce in her bag, swag,” she was using the condiment as a metaphor for that special something she whips out when she needs to put someone in their place. The line contains layers of meaning, but it’s also a perfect commentary on what the world loves about hot sauce. It’s a surprise. It’s a lasting dash of flair. It’s a baseball bat to your taste buds. Check out these options—if you dare to channel Bey.

Make your own. Amazon

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Featuring peppers sourced from local farms in Boulder, Colorado, this kit provides enough raw materials to whip up seven different sauces. You can keep it safe and simple or you can dive into the “Top Secret” branded booster packet stuffed with ghost peppers. With gloves, pH strips, and bottling funnels, the set up strikes the right balance between business and fun.

Bring the fire (if you want). Amazon

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Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, this kit from Grow and Make is almost like Fresh Direct order. It includes chili and curry powders, as well as full chipotle, guajillo, and arbol peppers. You get to build your sauce collection from scratch, adjusting heat levels and flavor varieties. You can start right away with everything in the box, follow the packaged recommendation, or mix in additional ingredients like a true flavor seeker.

Requires no cooking, just eating. Amazon

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In case you didn’t want to grow and chop your own ingredients, there’s one other option for you to gin up 10 hot sauce styles. Marketed as the easiest kit available, it’s hard to go wrong with Bunsters: A simple “mix and shake” process allows you to make whatever kind of sauce you want using the supplied ingredients, along with the handful you have sitting at home. The kit even comes with black labels and pens so you can “brand” your product once you’re done.