Enhance your photography skills with these classes taught by experts

Start with different shooting techniques and learn how to enhance everything with Photoshop.

Are you a photographer looking to turn a hobby into a career? Are you a novice looking to improve your skills so your friends and family can enjoy your work? Whatever your motivation might be, this series of classes on photography and Photoshop will make you better at your craft.

Taught by Michael Muller and Patrick Hoelck, two of Hollywood’s most sought-after photographers, as well as other experts, you’ll get more than 20 hours of instructions on all aspects of photography. There are 13 different classes, all designed to boost your skills and your confidence.

You’ll get classes from Muller, Hoelck, Estevan Oriol, Arto Saari, and Brian Bowen Smith, as each tells their story of how they handle their craft. Each has a specialty, such as Oriol’s street photography or Smith’s Hollywood A-listers. They will talk about the creative process and how to make sure your passion shows up in your final product.

Classes will start with the basics, starting with an overview of how a DSLR works and how to set up lights for your shoot. You’ll tackle shutter speeds, focal length, exposure. depth of field, aperture, and more.

Once that is complete, you’ll work in more specialized classes, such as working in a studio or shooting outdoors. You’ll tackle the fundamentals of professional photography, shooting movie posters, and more.

You’ll also tackle Photoshop and how to use it to your advantage for processing and retouching. This course will get very detailed, from working with skin tones to retouching eyes, and to understand the difference between the tools at your disposal.

If taken individually, all of these classes could cost up to $5,760. But with this limited time offer, you can have the entire bundle of photography and PhotoShop courses taught by experts for just $199.99, a discount of more than 96 percent.

Prices subject to change