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Updated Feb 3, 2023 8:01 AM

If you’ve tried all the usual suspects to help fall asleep at night, such as a sleep schedule, getting plenty of exercise, avoiding caffeine, and so on but are still having trouble, it may be time to invest in a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets can help reduce stress while promoting a feeling of calmness by evenly applying firm yet gentle pressure throughout the body, similar to getting a hug or swaddling a baby. And the science behind weighted blankets checks out.

The approach is called deep pressure stimulation, which uses this controlled pressure to stimulate the natural production of mood-boosting serotonin and increase melatonin levels while reducing the stress hormone cortisol. As such, many experts believe weighted blankets can improve sleep for people experiencing conditions including insomnia, anxiety, and autism.

Occupational therapists often use weighted blankets for sensory integration therapy, particularly among children and young adults who have trouble processing their senses. Simulating these senses of touch can help the patient’s brain to adapt. So if you’re also sold on the idea that these products could help you achieve optimal rest, we’ve rounded up some of the best weighted blankets on the market today to get you started.

How we selected the best weighted blankets

Weighted blankets have only been seeing mainstream popularity for the past few years since a Kickstarter campaign for a product called the Gravity Blanket raised nearly $5 million. Unfortunately, the success of the Kickstarter quickly inspired countless knockoffs, which is why it’s even more important to vet these products for exceptional quality and value. With so many inferior products on the market, we took a look at roughly 25 to 30 of the highest-rated weighted blankets before arriving at the five we chose for this guide.

One of the characteristics, in particular, that we honed in on was high-quality glass bead filling that is sewn into interior pockets so it won’t shift or even spill out of the blanket, which is common in inferior models. We also ensured that all of the products featured here use 100% cotton or bamboo fabric, except for one blanket with a reversible Sherpa and fleece cover. Most of the products listed also had removable, machine-washable covers to keep your weighted blanket clean and feeling like new for years to come.

Best overall: Quility 20-Pound Weighted Blanket with Soft Cover

Why it made the cut: Evenly distributed micro glass beads provide gentle pressure to help even the most restless sleepers reduce tossing and turning and get through the night, making this an easy pick for the best weighted blanket overall.


  • Fabric type: 100% cotton blanket, 100% polyester duvet cover
  • Fill: Micro-glass beads
  • Weight: 20 pounds


  • Even weight distribution across sections
  • Removable duvet cover
  • Seven-layer system shapes to your body


  • Beads spread out over time
  • Could be too warm for sleepers who run hot

Get better sleep with the Quility 20-Pound Weighted Blanket that wraps you in warmth and comfort, just like a hug. The gentle pressure of the micro glass bead filling should help reduce tossing and turning for even the most restless sleepers to make it through the night. The blanket’s seven-layer system shapes to your body for added comfort, with even weight distribution to balance the pressure across the quilted sections.

The 100% cotton material is designed to keep you cool. Although, some sleepers who run hot or live in warm climates may still think it’s too warm. So that’s something to consider if you fall into either of those categories. There’s also a removable duvet cover for easy cleaning, with a durable zipper and eight duvet tie-loops to keep the blanket in place. 

A handful of customers have also had issues with the glass beads redistributing after a few weeks or months of use but seem to be in the minority. However, those who have experienced problems also seem to have had good luck by contacting customer service.

Best for adults: WONAP Weighted Blanket for Couples

Why it made the cut: Perfect for couples, this is the best weighted blanket for adults. The soothing touch of the bamboo blanket combined with glass beads provides a deep and relaxing sleep for you and your partner.


  • Fabric type: 100% bamboo
  • Fill: Glass beads
  • Weight: 25 pounds


  • Hypoallergenic glass beads
  • Breathable natural bamboo fabric
  • Four by four-inch diamond design


  • Couples may find the blanket too restrictive

Both you and your partner will get a good night’s rest when using the extra-large WONAP Weighted Blanket for Couples. Constructed of 100% breathable Natural Bamboo fabric, the inner part of the blanket includes ultra-soft cotton compartments filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless premium glass beads. The beads are evenly distributed thanks to a four by four-inch diamond design that applies the same amount of pressure throughout the entire body for a more restful sleep.

The combination of the bamboo fabric and glass beads also creates a cooling effect to use the blanket year-round. In fact, one of the biggest problems some users have noted is that the blanket is so heavy and secure that it actually even may prevent you and your partner from getting near each other at night. Is there such a thing as a product doing its job too well?

Though the dense stitches and the durable thread of the bamboo fabric are intended to prevent leakage of the glass beads, a small number of reviewers complained of finding sand or dust in the bed after using it, so that is something to keep in mind.

Best for kids: Sivio Kids Weighted Blanket

Why it made the cut: This blanket effectively simulates the hug of a mother so your child can fall asleep faster and sleep deeper and longer through the night. It’s easily one of the best weighted blankets for kids.


  • Fabric type: 100% cotton
  • Fill: Glass beads
  • Weight: 3 pounds


  • Seven-layer design prevents leakage
  • Fun, kid-friendly designs
  • Smaller pockets evenly distribute weight


  • Suggested weight may be too light
  • Some children could use a larger size

Parents of young children with special needs or separation anxiety may find the Sivio Kids Weighted Blanket to be an absolute game-changer. This thermostabilized weighted blanket aligns naturally with your child’s body to simulate the gentle hug of a mother. Many customers who have tried nearly everything else have reported that this blanket dramatically reduces or eliminates the number of times their children get up through the night.

Parents will also rest assured knowing that the blanket is crafted with 100% natural, breathable cotton fabric, with an upgraded seven-layer design and square four by four-inch pockets to prevent the beads from leaking. Not only do these pockets make sure that the weight is more evenly distributed, but they also won’t make any noise to wake your child up during the night.

However, some user reviews have noted that the size and weight recommendations are too small and light. So if your child is on the higher end of the height and growth charts for their age or could benefit from the extra weight, you may want to size up out of precaution. In any case, that also ensures that you won’t have to replace the blanket in six months to a year.

Best cooling: YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Why it made the cut Even the hottest sleepers will rest comfortably year-round with cooling, silky-soft bamboo fabric and even more glass beads for optimal temperature control.


  • Fabric type: 100% bamboo
  • Fill: Glass beads
  • Weight: 15 pounds


  • All-natural cooling bamboo materials
  • Smaller inner pockets for even distribution
  • More glass beads and thinner fiber


  • Slick bamboo may cause duvet to need readjusting
  • Not cool enough for warm climates

You can feel the difference from the moment you touch the YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket. Made out of 100% breathable bamboo fabric and premium glass beads, this is one of the softest weighted blankets on the market while still managing to stay incredibly cool. The manufacturer is so confident of the blanket’s cooling properties that they even go so far as to describe it as “like sleeping in a pool of cool water,” except that you don’t get wet.

The seven-layer system is designed to contour to the shape of your body for maximum comfort. This cooling weighted blanket also features more glass beads and less fiberfill for exceptional breathability and better temperature control. Unfortunately, a few customers who live in exceptionally warm climates claim that they still need their air conditioning on full blast while using this product.

Two additional layers combined with a three-dimensional lock bead sewing method also ensure against leakage, and the extremely fine stitching prevents weight shifting from one compartment to another. One of the only user complaints is that the bamboo material is so slick that it can be challenging to keep the blanket inside the duvet without adjusting it frequently.

Best fleece: Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

Why it made the cut: This super-soft, super comfy heavy blanket keeps you warm by forming a gentle hug along your body without bunching up or causing excess heat.


  • Fabric type: Sherpa and fleece
  • Fill: 1-millimeter ceramic beads
  • Weight: 15 pounds


  • Smooth fleece top and Sherpa reverse
  • Unique bead-filling technology
  • Eye-catching unicolor pattern


  • Commercial washing only
  • Some users find it too heavy

The Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket pairs a smooth, 220 GSM fleece top and wool-like Sherpa reverse for the softest, coziest weighted blanket money can buy. Sherpa is more resistant to fading and stain than traditional fabrics used in weighted blankets and won’t pill or shed after prolonged use. Though, on the downside, the blanket isn’t machine washable and requires commercial washing.

Still, that’s a small price to pay for the superior craftsmanship you’re getting with this high-quality blanket. Neat stitches create both an integrated look and strong seaming. The tiny 1-millimeter ceramic beads are sewn into small squares, which are further sandwiched with non-glue polyester and brushed fabric that prevent the beads from clustering or moving around when shuffled so that the blanket can be totally conformed to your body.

When choosing a size, however, one thing to note is that the fleece and Sherpa exterior may add extra weight, as some users actually find their blankets to almost be too heavy. So if you’re on the fence about which weight blanket to choose, it may be wiser to size down. Sherpa is also on the warmer side for standard weighted blankets, so it may not be ideal for those who run hot.

Things to consider before buying the best weighted blankets


Aside from quality, there are two primary features that you should take into consideration when deciding to purchase a weighted blanket: size and weight. As to the former point, ask yourself if you’ll be using the blanket by yourself or if you’ll be sharing with a partner. Weighted blankets do come in up to king and queen sizes to accommodate larger beds. However, weighted blankets are also not for everyone, and if your partner isn’t into the idea, you may be stuck with too large of an unwieldy blanket for just one person. 

Intended Use

Another thing to ask yourself is whether you’ll be using the blanket primarily for sleeping or lounging, and even if you’ll need a new pillow to go along with your weighted blanket. However, if your objective for a isn’t for sleeping, but as a throw while you’re watching TV or reading a book, then you could absolutely meet your needs with a smaller size.


Of course, weight is perhaps the most critical factor to consider before buying a weighted blanket. Generally, most experts suggest getting one that weighs approximately eight to 12% of your overall body weight—or an even 10% is also a good rule of thumb. Depending on what you think your needs will be, you can easily size up or down, as some people say they prefer a heavier blanket while others don’t like to be weighed down too much.

We also can’t stress enough the importance of thoroughly reading user reviews. All too often, these types of products come with shoddy construction. So it’s especially crucial to choose a weighted blanket of exceptional craftsmanship and quality, that won’t tear open at the seams and leave glass sand and dust all over your bed.


Q: Should you sleep with a weighted blanket every night?

Whether you should sleep with a weighted blanket every night boils down mostly to personal preference. Some sleep consultants suggest using these products for just 20 to 30 minutes at a time, while others recommend sleeping with them overnight. As you begin to use your blanket and test it out, you should feel what is personally the most comfortable.

Q: Do weighted blankets make you hot?

Despite often being thicker and heavier than most comforters, there is a common misconception that weighted blankets make you too hot. On the contrary, most people prone to hot flashes, overheating, or living in warm temperatures can still comfortably use weighted blankets. As a good rule of thumb, however, weighted blankets made from 100% cotton or bamboo tend to be cooler than blankets made from fleece, Sherpa, or synthetic materials.

Q: Can you wash a weighted blanket?

Washing a weighted blanket can be tricky since they are generally made with a heavier construction than most blankets or comforters, but many come with removable covers that can be washed separately. However, if your weighted blanket does not come with a removable cover, you may need to spot clean with gentle soaps, detergents, or stain removers.

Final thoughts on the best weighted blankets

Oddly enough, our top picks for the best weighted blanket couldn’t be more different from one another, between the YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket and the Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket. We love the YnM Weighted Blanket because of the combination of bamboo fabric and cooling glass beads. However, those who prefer a blanket that provides added warmth will likely find the super soft Sherpa and fleece of the Uttermara to be a better fit.

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