If you’ve always been interested in building out your best home gym but weren’t sure where to start, let us suggest an exercise bike, also known as a stationary bike. Cycling checks a lot of exercise boxes, including, but not limited to, cardio, strength and resistance training, muscle toning, stress relief, and calorie and fat burning. And if, after looking into a Peloton bike, you’re also worried it checks the waitlist and hefty price tag boxes, fear not! You’ll be happy to know there are many incredible, affordable options for home workout equipment that will get the job done right now, and we’ve collected some here to help get you in the saddle of the best stationary bike for you ASAP.

The best stationary bikes fit your budget and space

In recent years, indoor cycling has become a wildly popular workout trend with the rise of studios like SoulCycle, Peloton, and Cyc Fitness, to name a few. As spin bikes have become more accessible for home gyms, it looks like the trend is here to stay. And if you’re looking to join the pack, the best stationary bikes are smooth and quiet, stable, and adjustable for every rider and every ride. Spinning is not only a great workout, but it’s also easier on your knees and joints than jogging. By riding at various intensities, inclines, and for longer periods of time, you will burn calories and, therefore, body fat. Spinning has also been proven to release stress, which can further reduce belly fat and is great for mental health. 

At-home workouts have never been easier or more affordable with all of the various tiers of fitness equipment available, and exercise bikes are no exception. With so many brands, types, price points, and features, there is bound to be the perfect indoor bike for you! Even if you’re concerned about space, there are great foldable bikes available that you can easily store between workouts. While the more expensive stationary bikes have more bells and whistles—like included dumbbells and live/in-studio classes on HD touchscreen displays (for an additional membership cost)—the more affordable indoor bikes will provide just as intense a workout, an LCD display screens to track your progress, and a shelf specifically designed to hold your phone or tablet so you can follow along with the workout program of your choice.

What to consider when looking for the best stationary bike

When looking to purchase a spin bike to add to your home gym equipment, consider whether you’d prefer a recumbent exercise bike or an upright bike. If you have lower back issues, a recumbent bike may be the best choice for you; models such as the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike are easier on the lumbar versus upright bikes that have your body over the handlebars. 

No matter what, one thing to be sure of is that both the seat and handlebars of your exercise bike are adjustable. This helps to ensure you ride safely and offers the option of multiple people using the bike. Additionally, features like anti-grip handles, caged pedals, and multiple levels of resistance all promote safety and offer more intense workouts. 

Get the best stationary bike for riders of any level and stature 

If you’ve got a full house all wanting in on the spin craze, an indoor bike that includes adjustable parts, such as the handlebars and seat, will work best to cater to each rider. With the LCD screen tracking performance, your family can even compete on cadence and RPM. 

Best stationary bike for beginners: Cyclace Exercise Bike


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This best-selling indoor bike, great for beginners and professionals alike, is a fully adjustable exercise machine that can accommodate everyone in the family! Depending on what’s needed, the seat and the multi-grip handlebars can be raised and the wheels help move the bike around the house with ease. Made with steel, so it can support riders up to 330 pounds, the 36-pound flywheel and belt-driven system will offer a smooth and stable session. There are also multiple levels of adjustable friction-based resistance (plus an extra pure-wool brake pad provided). The LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories burned so all you have to do is ride. Complete with a phone holder and comfortable seat, this stationary exercise bike is great for your at-home spin routine.

Sit back and ride on a recumbent bike

A recumbent stationary bike is perfect for those who love to spin but have lower back problems that prevent them from riding an upright bike. In addition to being more comfortable to sit on and encouraging better spinal posture, the same amount of calories will be burned on a recumbent bike. 

Best recumbent stationary bike: Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike


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The Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is both Amazon’s Choice and a best-seller for good reason. Made from carbon steel and supporting up to 300 pounds, this model offers 25 levels of resistance and 29 fitness programs for a wide range of intensity (plus a heart rate tracker, so you know you’re putting in the work). With DualTrack LCD displays, a shelf for your phone or tablet, Bluetooth connectivity, in-console speakers with an MP3 input port, USB charging, and an adjustable fan, Schwinn has thought of everything to cater your intense ride to you. If you’re big on comfort, you’ll like this—this Schwinn stationary exercise bike seat is padded and contoured while the back is ventilated, and the seat can be easily moved with the lever to adjust to whoever is riding. 

Splurge a little, save a lot

Investing in a stationary bike from a trusted company will give you peace of mind that you’re getting a great indoor bike. Many now include displays where you can stream live or on-demand classes, so you’ll have that in-class feel without spending that in-class price. 

Best stationary bike splurge: NordicTrack S15i Commercial Studio Cycle


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This best-selling, 350-pound capacity NordicTrack bike will deliver a smooth and quiet workout each and every time you cycle with its SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, featuring 24 levels and LIVE incline-matching technology. The 15-inch interactive HD touchscreen display will make you feel like you’re right in class as it streams live and on-demand iFit personal training to your NordicTrack bike, as well as tracks your progress. You’ll have your choice of spin and total-body conditioning classes, so you’ll never get bored. When it’s time during a crosstraining class to incorporate arm exercises, you won’t need to go far as a set of three-pound dumbbells is included. 

No space, no problem

If you live in a small apartment or just don’t want your stationary bike to be the focal point of a room, then a folding exercise bike is for you. Easy to fold up and store after each intense ride, you’ll have your cake (that’s your space) and eat it, too (empty space is low on calories, after all).

Best folding stationary bike: BARWING Foldable Exercise Stationary Bike


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With 16 levels of magnetic resistance, this folding exercise bike makes sure you have a smooth yet intense ride, every time. It’s great for full family use, supporting up to 300 pounds with many customizable settings for the handlebar and seat, as well as an LCD monitor to track everyone’s speed, calories burned, distance, and time. Besides the amazing feature of being completely foldable, this best-selling indoor cycling bike aims to be a workout equipment station with built-in arm resistance bands, as well as a built-in ankle resistance band, if you want to tone isolated muscle groups.

Can I still get a great ride with a cheaper exercise bike?

You can still get a great ride at home without spending a lot. If simply getting a sweat worked up is your priority, then get a stationary bike that covers all of the basics but might not include all the bells and whistles the more expensive bikes have. 

Best stationary bike on a budget: UREVO Indoor Cycling Bike

At just $199.99, this stationary exercise bike is a true steal. The adjustable non-slip handlebar, four-way padded seat, adjustable resistance, and included floor mat are just a few of the features that make this belt-driven system (which supports up to 260 pounds) a win. The LCD monitor tracks your progress, while the caged pedals and emergency brake lever allow you to feel stable and safe while cycling at your preferred speed. While there is no included membership or specific program for workouts with this bike, you can download any of the others on your tablet or phone and place it on the bracket. 


Q: Which is better: treadmill or exercise bike?

While the treadmill burns a lot of calories and the workouts tend to be more intense, there is a higher risk of injury and wear and tear on the knees over time. The exercise bike doesn’t burn as many calories in the same period of time as the treadmill, but it is better for strength and toning purposes, has a lower risk of injury, and is easier on the joints overall. Of course, it’s a matter of preference but if you have joint pain and need a lower-impact workout, the exercise bike would be a great option. 

Q: Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

Absolutely! On the bike, you can alternate between cardio and strength training—riding your bike at a higher intensity, for a longer time, or on an incline—so you will burn calories, which will burn that belly fat. When riding at an incline, your muscles are working harder, burning more calories in a shorter period of time. It’s also been proven that cycling reduces stress, which can help eliminate belly fat as well, as the two are connected. 

Q: Are stationary bikes worth it? 

Stationary bikes are worth it—there are many options available at different price points. If you think you don’t have space, look into folding exercise bikes that only need to be out when in use. Not only do stationary bikes have great benefits like the workout itself and stress relief, but should you invest in a bike, in the long run, you will save more as you won’t be going to as many in-studio classes (though there are plenty of subscription services with annual charges, whether you use a Peloton bike, a NordicTrack bike or pick a third-party app that’s not associated with specific hardware).

The final word on the best stationary bikes

The best stationary bikes will be easy to use, will track your distance, calories burned, speed and time, and are customizable to your body with adjustable handlebars and seats. If there’s one piece of equipment for at-home workouts to invest in, an exercise bike might be your best bet because it covers so many types of exercise—cardio, strength building, and muscle toning. Using stationary exercise bikes at home has become increasingly popular in the last year, and it’s for good reason there has been a rise in the Peloton bike, etc., so it just might be time to jump on and ride this healthy lifestyle trend.