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Updated Mar 12, 2022 11:51 AM

When it’s cold out, warmth is always welcome inside, especially from your head to your toes. To keep your feet as toasty as possible, slip into a pair of heated slippers and get instant relief from cold floors and draughty indoor air. But it’s not just about the heat this footwear provides. Winter weather can leave feet dry, chapped, and constantly in need of an emergency pedicure. The best heated slippers also moisturize your feet while warming them up. Goodbye, scaly roughness!

They come in a variety of forms. Microwaveable slippers can be nuked right up to a comfortable lounging temperature. Some heated slippers warm up in the same way as heated socks, using a battery-operated module. Another type of electric foot warmer uses an internal heating pad that you power up via a USB cable. Once the slippers have reached a full charge, you can unplug them and start walking—or lounging—for hours.

Another option is foot warmers that work like a heating pad. They feel just like house shoes when you slip your feet inside. The only difference is, these boots aren’t made for walking. They’re best when you’re parked in one spot, on the couch, or sitting at your desk. As long as the heat is on, your feet will be cozy and comfortable.

How to choose the best heated slippers

It’s hard to go wrong with a good pair of the best heated slippers, but the style you end up going for should depend on what you do during a typical cold day or night around the house. Or maybe you’ll be wearing them outside, too. In that case, think waterproof and non-slip. If you’ll have them on mostly while you’re working or bundled up on the couch and mobility is less important, a pair of heated slippers that you can wear and charge at the same time will get extra credit for providing warmth 24/7.

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Look for USB charging for convenience

When you spend a lot of time working at your computer or just browsing the Internet, cute and comfy slippers that plug into your laptop with a USB connection are a convenient choice. Although you can wear these heated slippers while puttering around the house for at least several hours at full charge, if you are tied to your computer, you can work and wear them while they’re charging. There’s no need to worry about replacing batteries.

Even if you aren’t the workaholic type and will be spending long days just vegging out on the couch, you can charge these heated slippers anywhere near a power bank. By the time you’re ready to get up and move around, they’ll be fully charged and ready to keep your feet warm for at least a few hours.

Best USB heated slippers: BIAL Heated Slippers



These fuzzy slippers won’t leave your feet waiting long for heat. The soles are wear-resistant, non-slip, and lightweight. Each one weighs less than half a pound. They also come with a mobile power supply that you can take with you when you venture from an outlet.

Need warm slippers for the outside as well?

If you live in an apartment, you’ll probably be happy with a good pair of heated slippers designed for walking around and relaxing indoors. For those living in houses with backyards who need warm slippers for the outside as well, a pair that travels is in order, especially when the forecast calls for rain or snow.

For those short trips outside, you’ll need slippers that are made of sturdy enough fabric to withstand the elements. The soles should be wear-resistant and non-slip. Rubber ones ensure they provide enough traction for both indoor and outdoor wear. Since your backyard is likely to be wetter than inside, be sure you opt for a fabric that’s waterproof. You don’t want your heated slippers to be soaked and useless just when you need them most.

Best indoor/outdoor heated slippers: Heated Slipper by Volt



These comfy slippers are heated with battery-operated thermostats and can last up to four hours on a single full charge. The faux-fur lining provides a touch of style to the suede design, as well as added warmth.

Heated slippers can help with medical conditions like arthritis

Like heated socks, heated slippers come with benefits beyond the one that keeps your feet from freezing. Foot warmers and slippers can help with some medical conditions too! Ones that are heated by the microwave can offer foot relief if you suffer from arthritis or if you have stiff muscles, pain, or circulation issues. Some are infused with cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and other ingredients that create moist heat and soothe achy feet.

Although it sounds like you just put your house shoes in the microwave, the process can be more civilized than that. Wrap them up in a towel before nuking them to avoid leaving your microwave smelling like feet. And if that still sounds too unorthodox, some aromatherapy booties come with a scent pouch that you warm up in the microwave before placing it inside the slippers. It’s like an at-home DIY spa treatment for your feet.

Best microwaveable slippers for arthritis: Mars Wellness Heated Microwaveable Foot Booties



These are the best microwavable slippers for arthritis and other foot ailments. They contain 12 natural aromatic ingredients, including lavender and peppermint, and they can be used to warm up and cool down your feet. In addition to offering pain relief, they also help soothe anxiety and stress, bringing your feet—and by extension, the rest of your body—to a state of total relaxation.

Love the slippers you already have? Try heated insoles

Heated slipper insoles are another surefire way to keep your feet warm in cold weather, and they can fit right inside a pair of slippers you already own. You can get ones that are battery- or microwave-powered, and they’re available in both single-use options and ones that you can wear over and over.

These aren’t technically heated slippers since they are separate items, but they do just as good a job of heating up your feet. Another bonus is that you can wear them with multiple footwear, not just your house shoes. If you’re going to be inserting them into your outdoor boots, make sure they’re waterproof in case you encounter rain, sleet, snow, or pesky puddles.

Best heated insoles: HotHands Insole Foot Warmers



These heated insoles can provide warmth for up to nine hours. The peel-and-stick adhesive backing keeps them secure in place inside your shoe. Although you have to discard them after each use, 16 pairs ensure that one pack will keep your feet warm for a week or two.

You can still enjoy warm & fuzzy slippers on a budget

Although they may sound like a pretty big financial investment, you can still enjoy warm and fuzzy slippers on a budget. In fact, you can scoop up a new pair at a wallet-friendly price that’s well below $100. As with all things, the quality will vary, but you don’t have to go high-end to keep your feet well-heated. There are plenty of excellent options for under $50.

Best cheap slippers: Kamlif Heating Slipper Shoes



These heated slipper shoes are elastic for a more secure fit, and each one tips the scales at less than half a pound. They are heated from the soles using USB power, and don’t overlook the medical benefits: The infrared-ray warmth of these slippers speeds up circulation and relieves fatigue in the feet.


Q: How do heated slippers work?

Heated slippers work in a variety of ways. Some are heated by a battery-operated pad, while others are USB-powered. You can also get a pair that will heat right up in the microwave.

Q: How long will the slippers stay warm?

Heated slippers will stay warm for at least a few hours. If you get a pair that works with USB charging, you can wear them while they charge without ever having to worry about them going cold.

Q: Can you wash heated slippers?

You can wash heated slippers; just don’t do it in the washing machine or submerge them in water. Spot drying is generally a safe option, but to be sure to keep everything fully functioning, carefully follow the cleaning instructions included with your pair.

A final word on shopping for heated slippers

Heated slippers do an excellent job of keeping your feet extra warm around the house (and even outside) when the temperature dips, and you don’t have to be a big spender to get a good pair. These warm and comfy slippers come in several styles—including USB- or battery-operated and microwavable—that cover a number of household activities, from doing chores to working at the computer to just sitting around watching television. And if you intend to wear yours outside to get fresh air in the backyard, non-slip rubber soles will take you there and back safely.

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