Best bike storage of 2023

We’ve selected some of the best bike storage options for a variety of living spaces, from the walls of your studio apartment to the inside of a spacious garage.

Best garage bike storage

Racor Garage Pulley Lift is the best garage bike storage

Racor Garage Pulley Lift

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Best apartment bike storage

Delta Cycle Michaelangelo

Delta Cycle Michaelangelo

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Best budget bike storage

Wallmaster Bike Hook

Wallmaster Bike Hook

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Cycling is a go-to sport for people across the world, no matter what type of terrain they’re surrounded by. You might live in a rural area and bike down old country roads for fun, or you may live in the city and bike to work as a cheap, eco-friendly means of transportation. Whatever your cycling habits, you need somewhere to store your bike, and depending on your living situation, that may be outside, in a garage or shed, or even inside your apartment on a bike wall mount. We’ve compiled a list of the best bike storage ideas for different living situations.

Why is it important to find the best bike storage?

Even secondhand bikes can be a hefty purchase, and if you’re a competitive cyclist you may have dropped some serious cash on your bike, so you’ll want a safe spot to keep the vehicle secure and out of nature’s elements. Indoor bike storage, like a bike closet or bike hooks, are great, but if you don’t have the indoor space, you may need to keep your bike outside. Bike parts consist of different materials—metal chains, rubber seats, and plastic casings to name a few—that will degrade in extreme temperatures and moisture. Newer bikes have improved seals that help keep out moisture, but if you live in a climate with lots of rain or humidity, you might begin to see signs of corrosion after keeping your bike outdoors for just a week, even with the most advanced bike technology. An outdoor bike storage compartment will keep the sun, rain, and humidity from damaging your bike. Even if you don’t have the space inside your living quarters, options like a bicycle storage shed can protect your bike from being damaged or stolen. Keep reading for the best bike storage ideas we’ve found.

Things to consider when choosing indoor or outdoor bike storage

The best bike storage solution for your needs largely depends on the space available to you. Are you a single bike owner or do you have multiple? If you have just one bike, a single bike hook on the wall might do the trick, but if your family of four each own their own bike, a wall bike rack might be a better product for you. Do you have a safe outdoor space to store your bike, or is it imperative that you can lock it up? Do aesthetics matter to you? They might if you’re storing the bike in a studio apartment.

For garage bike storage, find an option that frees up floor space

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a garage where you can keep your bike, it’s probably sharing that space with cars, tools, and other miscellanies. Consider storing your bike up on a lifted mount. Cyclists who are limited on garage space can choose to hang bikes from the ceiling. The best garage bike storage is a mount that lifts the bike with ease and security—so you’re not left worrying that it’ll come crashing to the ground. The logistics of raising a bike might seem overwhelming, but we found a lift that accomplishes the task with ease.

Seek versatility for apartment bike storage

Cycling is a common means of transportation for city-dwellers and those living in a metropolis often have limited space. Storing a bike in an apartment can be difficult, especially if there’s no space for it outside or in common areas. If you’re storing your bike inside your apartment, a rack or mount that doesn’t bolt into the walls might be preferable (you want that security deposit back someday!). Space is of the utmost importance, so if you have multiple bikes, a rack that stacks them is ideal.

A bike cover protects against the elements

Cyclists who lack space for their bike inside can protect their bike from the weather under a bike cover. Unlike tented shed options, a cover doesn’t take up any more space than the bike itself, since it wraps securely around the frame. Although a bike shed may be more valuable for a household with several bikes, a bike cover will do the job for a single bike. Be sure to consider security if you’re leaving your bike outside—find a cover with a design that enables you to lock the bike up.

If you have the space, consider a bike storage shed

If you have multiple bikes in your household and a single cover isn’t enough, a bike shed is your best bet. Rather than fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a custom-built shed, invest in a storage shed tent. These tarp or canvas enclosures zip tight to keep your bike dry from the rain and snow. While cheaper models are available, a high-quality storage tent made of heavy-duty material will stay intact through the worst of storms. Look for rubber roofs and sealed seams to keep moisture out and leave your bike bone dry.

Best bike storage on a budget: Bike hooks are an inexpensive option

Bike hooks are a great option for cyclists on a budget. There’s not a lot to them—a simple hook that mounts onto your wall—but a sturdy hook is enough to securely hang your bike. They’re great for a basement, apartment wall, garage, utility shed, or any other place you can mount a hook. Bear in mind that although hooks are pretty simple, there are still some questionable products on the market. Look for durable hooks that can support at least 50 pounds, and strong anchors to keep the hook from slipping. Below is the best bike storage option we’ve found for less.

Best garage bike storage: Racor Garage Pulley Lift

Racor Garage Pulley Lift

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Rather than take on the precarious task of heaving your bike up to a ceiling hook, use this pulley lift that assists in slowly and smoothly raising the bike. The system of ropes and pulleys clips on to the seat of the bike and locks in when it’s at the desired height. If this garage bike storage seems complicated, check out the reviews online—satisfied customers have left plenty of helpful tips for installing and using this storage option.

Best apartment bike storage: Delta Cycle Michaelangelo

Delta Cycle Michaelangelo

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Made of steel, this indoor bike rack looks sleek and takes only a few minutes to assemble. Once assembled, the rack is easily adjustable to accommodate your space and storage needs. It leans against the wall with no mounting necessary, making this the best apartment bike storage for renters who are wary of putting holes in the wall. This rack can support up to 100 pounds.

Best bike cover: Favoto Bike Cover

Favoto Bike Cover

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This cover is made from a strong and durable Oxford fabric. It has two windproof buckles and an elastic cord at the bottom, allowing for a tight and secure fit around the bike that protects it from wind and rain. The bike cover includes a front lock-hole design, providing additional security for the bike when it’s unattended.

Best bike shed: The YardStash IV

The YardStash IV

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The YardStash IV zips completely and storm flaps protect it from inclement weather. It includes a back panel through which you can run a lock and secure the bike to a fence or post. This bike shed is spacious enough for two adult bikes with room to spare, leaving space to potentially store helmets, trainers, and other bike equipment.

Best budget bike storage: Wallmaster Bike Hook

Wallmaster Bike Hook

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If you seek a cheap alternative for bike storage, the Wallmaster Bike Hook comes in a pack of two heavy-duty wall mounts that hold up to 50 pounds each. The mounts are detached from one another so you can install them in whichever configuration is best for your living space. The rubber hooks allow for vertically hanging the bikes with no risk of scratching the rims.


Q: Where should I store my bike at home?

Deciding where to store your bike at home depends largely on your individual situation and space available, but it’s best to have it out of the way as much as possible. A rack in a garage is ideal because it’s out of your living space, but you also have access to it for daily rides. If you don’t have a garage, setting up a rack or bicycle hanger in the basement works too, or even in the attic during the off-season. If you live in a small apartment with no indoor storage, a bike can be a great piece of decor! Hang it on the wall or from the ceiling as an element of your personal style.

Q: Is it ok to store a bike vertically?

It’s perfectly fine to store a bike vertically. There are tons of vertical bike racks and storage options to choose from and it’s one of the more space-friendly storage positions. One thing to be mindful of: a bike with hydraulic brakes cannot be stored upside down. When upside down, air will fill the calipers of hydraulic brakes, making them spongy and requiring a brake bleed (which you may be able to handle on your own, but if you’re unfamiliar with the process you may need to take it in for servicing). It doesn’t matter so much if the bike has rim brakes, but bicycles with hydraulic brakes should be stored right-side up with the handlebars on top.

Q: Is it bad to hang a bike by the wheel?

Some cyclists argue that hanging a bike by the wheel puts it at risk for damage, but most experts agree that it’s a perfectly safe way to store a bike—if you go to any bike shop, you’ll find the bikes stored that way. The argument against the practice is that the weight and pressure of the bike puts a strain on the rim and could cause it to bend over time. While this is unlikely, a simple way to avoid the risk is to opt for horizontal bike storage. Having the bike mounted on two points of contact will spread the weight and relieve the stress on each rim.

Some final thoughts on finding the best bike storage

The best bike storage option for any individual is the one that keeps their bicycle in tiptop shape doesn’t make a nuisance of itself in the living space and doesn’t break the bank. Bicycles are big purchases, in price and size, and cyclists want to maintain them as best as possible. Finding the best bike storage solution for your needs will keep your bike safe and secure and keep you cycling.