Good news for the 150-million-plus users of Facebook: Now you don’t have to lift a finger to follow your friends. The upcoming Palm Pre and the British-made INQ1 are the first in a new crop of phones designed for constant connection to the social-networking site.

Although you can already download Facebook programs to some mobiles, including Apple’s iPhone, you have to open the app to connect to the site. Palm and INQ use software built right into the operating system to update Facebook info continuously. That means you can view Facebook events on your calendar, see online photos next to contacts’ names, and, on the INQ1, read real-time status updates in your address book and send Facebook notes from the same inbox you use for texting. Of course, you can always call pals, too.

Face to Face

Multitasking Messenger

The Pre automatically merges the contact lists and calendars of various online accounts, including Facebook and Google. The full-fledged smartphone can also download new apps. It hits Sprint by this summer. Palm Pre, price not set

Facebook First

This simple slider isn’t the most powerful phone, but it syncs easily with Facebook and even has built-in Skype. Currently for sale in the U.K. and Australia, it should arrive in the U.S. later this year. INQ Mobile INQ1, price not set