I was always a dog person growing up, but it turns out cats are great in their own kind of way. They’re independent and don’t need your undivided attention at all times, but will still snuggle you when you sleep and sit contently on your lap while you watch TV. So, it’s only fair that you return the favor during the giving season. Your furry feline—or not, if it’s hairless—will thank you for these new additions to your home with purrs and (if your cat is as weird as one of mine) lots of kisses.

Cat couch

My cats prefer corrugated cardboard scratching toys to traditional scratching posts, and this couch is their favorite thing I’ve ever bought for them. The thick base means you don’t have to replace it often, and it’s large enough that they can use it as an actual couch.

picture of cat
I mean, come on. How cute is that? Jason Lederman

Plus, it’s made from 100 percent recycled paper, which is always a bonus.

I also turned to Twitter to see what your cats like. The response was unexpectedly enormous.

String toy

If your cat prefers something they can attack instead of lie on, try the Cat Dancer. A lot of you on Twitter said that this is your cat’s toy. This piece of cardboard on a string will keep your feline friend entertained for surprisingly long periods of time, and folds up for easy storage.

Ribbon chaser

Similarly, this rainbow ribbon is also called the Cat Dancer and serves a similar function. It doesn’t have cardboard on the end—which could be good, depending on your kitty’s preferences and the amount of vacuuming you mind having to do. Bonus: It will bring a pop of color to your home.

Novelty catnip

Maybe your cat needs a little catnip motivation to play. The Yeowww catnip banana was another popular choice from you all; no cotton or plastic pieces makes for a safer (and less messy) toy for your pet.

Laser pointer

Who doesn’t love a light show? The Pawsome Pets Cat Laser Toy will distract your cat as it spins randomly in circles. You can choose the speed it moves (fast, slow, or random), and the laser will automatically shut after 15 minutes so that your cat can get some rest.

Special mention: one fast exercise wheel

If you have an energetic feline and the space to accommodate, check out this pet wheel by One Fast Cat. My new favorite internet cat has one (shout-out to Basil), and I squealed with joy the first time I saw this video—the synchronization between the music and the steps at the end are perfect.