Small, lightweight laptops are enormously convenient when travelling or working in different locations. However, prolonged time spent typing on a laptop’s small keyboard and pressing on a trackpad can lead to painful shoulders and back, as well as hands and fingers. Rather than invest in multiple computers, however, you can simply add a wireless mouse and/or standalone keyboard to your kit when working in your home or office. Here’s what to look for.

Long Life and Travel Friendly

Completely cord-free and designed for right-handed users, this device is sold without a keyboard. Will last up to 15 months with a single AA battery and switches to power-save mode after 8 minutes. Patuoxun

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If you’re doing a lot of typing, you might want to consider a mouse with a wireless keyboard too. If it’s purely for design functions, you might not need the keyboard, but you might want a mouse with more DPI levels—some come with three, some five.

Curved Streamlined Design

This two-part set works up to a distance of 10m/33ft. Sleep mode activated after 10 minutes. VicTsing

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Some wireless mice and keyboards come with multimedia key shortcuts, which make repetitive tasks quicker and easier. Check before you buy, however, that it is compatible not just with your iPad or Notebook, but also with your Operating System.

Suitable for Right and Left-Handed Users

The ambidextrous functionality boosts the wide appeal of this option. Works up to 10m/33ft distance. LeadsaiL

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Also check that the wireless mouse you are buying works for both right and left-handed users—some are designed for everyone, while others are curved to fit more snugly in one hand only.