Even if you find yourself in the habit of doing absolutely everything on your phone these days, sometimes it can make a refreshing change to jot things down using a simple pen and paper. Plus you never have to worry about a notepad running out of battery! Wirebound notebooks work equally well for left- and right-handed people and won’t close when you need to leave them open.

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Need to take pages out of your notebook? Look for well-perforated pages to ensure easy removal, without tearing. If the pages are already hole punched, that makes it even simple to put them into a binder for safekeeping and organisation.


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Wirebound notebooks with laminated card covers allow the notebook to fold back on itself. A sturdy but lightweight backboard is useful for leaning the notebook on your lap. To avoid messy situations and potentially making your hard work illegible, look for notebooks that offer smudge-free paper.

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If you need to share your notes with colleagues or classmates, consider investing in a “smart” notebook. Smart notebooks use apps or QR codes that you can scan with a smartphone camera to capture your writing and store it in the cloud. To access or share it, simply open the affiliated app or website—no more worrying about losing your notes!