According to Decanter, the wines that should be served the coldest are sparkling wines, but more aromatic wines shouldn’t be chilled as much—so we’re talking as low as 6C for Champagne, as high as 13C for a Pouilly Fuissé or a Viognier. Here’s what to bear in mind before you buy a wine fridge.

Tamper Proof Keylock

With LED interior lighting and slide-out beech wood shelves, this smart appliance allows you to lock the controls to prevent inadvertently changing the temperature. Comes with a black or white door. Amazon

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Just because your fitted kitchen didn’t come with a wine fridge, doesn’t mean that you can’t retro fit one. It might mean losing a cabinet, or you could choose to install a freestanding fridge in a larder or utility room. Measure up before you buy—especially if you’re installing it in a space that previously had a kitchen unit, and remember that most will require ventilation space left around them—it varies but 20mm at the rear and top, and 30mm each side is not uncommon so factor this in too.

Slimline Design

With a temperature range of between 10 and 18°C this low-power, low-noise cabinet is also available in stainless steel, and with capacity up to 43 bottles. Amazon

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Wine fridges are more accurate than regular fridges so rather than cooling according to a number from 1 to 6, you can actually set a thermostat for a specific temperature. If you have a particular wine in mind, make sure that the fridge’s temperature range will encompass it. A range of 5-20C is not uncommon, but less expensive fridges may not extend as far each end. Larger capacity cabinets tend to have more temperature options.

Touch Screen Controls

Six removable shelves and a basket offer a variety of options for bottles of all shapes and sizes, while a blue internal light illuminates your store, which has a temperature range of 5 to 18C. Amazon

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The capacity of a fridge can sometimes be optimistically overstated by the manufacturers so do take a look at reviews. If you’ve got four shelves that claim they can hold three bottles, and you’re a Champagne fan, make sure that they’ll accommodate three Champagne bottles and not just three of those super skinny bottles from Alsace.