Investing in a large, flatscreen television, and hi-spec surround-sound system is all very well, but what if the angles don’t work with your furniture? If watching from your sofa or bed gives you a crick in your neck? Mounting your TV on a wall bracket also means you can angle it perfectly for home workouts too. Here’s what to look for when shopping for one.

Suitable for Medium to Large Sets

Single-touch operation, with 180° of horizontal motion, allowing movement left to right, and a vertical adjustment ranging from -5° to +8°. The rotation feature allows for finer level adjustments. Invision

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The first thing to make sure of is that any wall bracket will actually fit the size of TV you own or are buying. Most brackets are compatible with a range of screen sizes up to 40 inches. Also ensure that it can handle the weight of the screen—some brackets are double-reinforced.

Reinforced Panel

Extra-strength fabrication offers added security, with 160° horizontal full motion swivelling feature left to right, and vertical tilt angle from -5° to +8°. Slim design allows close positioning. Invision

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While all brackets are designed specifically to swivel, some have a greater motion left to right, and vertically. If your room is wide, with multiple viewing areas, you may need more horizontal swivel; if you’re positioning the bracket high on the wall, or you plan to use it for a lot of floor-based home workouts, you may need one with a greater vertical tilt.

Robot Welded for Safety

Heavy-duty fabrication, can swivel 90° smoothly and tilt +5°/-12° to reduce glare. It supports ±3° post-installation adjustment for perfect leveling. Simple, quick, three-step installation process. Perlesmith

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Think about how flush to the wall you will want your screen to sit. A slimmer bracket will allow your television to be closer to the wall, but a bracket that sits a little further from the wall will allow more depth for connecting wires.