The first electric blender was apparently developed in 1922, specifically for making milk shakes, and now it’s regularly cited as an item that most kitchens should not be without. Advances in technology have made it a far more versatile instrument with the best blenders able to do everything from rough cutting to pureeing, and even sautéing, your chopped ingredients.

Easy To Use

Four blades, as well as variable options and a pulse feature, make this entry level device ideal for all sorts of foods. A dishwasher-safe model means clean-up is easy too. NETTA

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What’s the wattage? The wattage of your blender will give you a rough idea of how powerful it is, and consequently what you can expect from it. If all you want is to whizz up a soup or a smoothie, 500 to 1000 watts will do you fine. But if you want a powerful blender that will grind nuts to a smooth butter, you probably want to be looking at something with a little more. While wattage alone doesn’t tell you everything—the number of blades can also be a factor—it’s definitely something to bear in mind.

Packs A Power Punch

Multiple modes, including self-cleaning, and a powerful motor that grinds hard ingredients to a paste, make this powerful mixer with lightweight plastic jug a kitchen staple. Homgeek

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Check out the volume of the jug before you buy, and bear in mind that when you’re blending, you need to leave space at the top so that the liquid isn’t forced up against the lid (which can be dangerous). So, if you frequently have to blend soups for the family, it’s probably worth looking at a blender with a two-litre capacity. That’s not to say you can’t process big volumes in a smaller jug, but you’ll have to do it in batches, which can be more time-consuming and messy.

Simple Operation

Blades screw onto this single serving-size plastic jug, which can also serve as a cup. To operate, simply insert your ingredients, screw on the blade attachment and push down into the motor. NUTRiBULLET

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If you want your blender to do more than blend, look out for models that include a heating unit too. This adds a huge amount of versatility to the gadget, allowing you to chop onions and then sauté them, make soups in a single pot,and even make jams and hot sauces without having to use another saucepan. The most sophisticated have built-in programmes that mean at the tap of a button, it will pulse, pause and blend at the perfect temperatures to create a smooth soup, a chunky soup or whatever your heart desires.