If you’re somebody who appreciates richer, more flavourful leaves, rather than tea bags, there is a whole world of accessories to make your cuppa even more enjoyable. Here are some of our favourite tools and trimmings to improve your own unique tea ceremony.

Café Olé

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When looking for a teapot, consider the material from which it’s made. A stainless steel or ceramic option will retain heat longer than a glass model. However, a glass teapot will let you see the brewing process and display leaves or flowers to your guests. If your teapot has a stainless steel or metal filter, check to see if it’s removable—if it is, your teapot may be able to go in the microwave and/or dishwasher.


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If you don’t want to wait for water to boil using a traditional kettle, consider investing in an electric one. Keep an eye out for a 360-degree base, which will make this item as accessible to left-handers as it is to right-handers. Built-in cord storage makes clean-up easy.

Morphy Richards

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Consider where you’ll keep your tea, tea bags, sugar, and more. An airtight container will help them to last longer by reducing oxygen exposure, thus slowing the oxidation process. Take note of how much counter space your home or flat has before adding a multipack to your cart.