A convenient way of storing all your equipment in one place, stationery sets generally work out better value than buying every item individually. Easy to tidy away, and perfect for keeping bits and pieces stashed together while travelling. Ideal for tackling revision or just keeping up with homework – now all you need is the motivation to study.

When looking for a stationery set, keep an eye out for options that include lots of pieces. Your student will of course need pens and pencils to take notes, but maths accessories like rulers, protractors, and squares are also helpful to have. If the set comes with a calculator to assist with maths, even better!


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If your little one has a passion for a particular character, TV programme, movie franchise, or game, look for officially licensed and branded products. Many popular media properties have their own line of products, which include everything from writing implements and erasers to rulers and notebooks. While your child probably still won’t enjoy doing homework, doing it with their favourite character on the cover of their notebook might make it a little more enjoyable.

Stationery sets that contain multiple notebooks will teach them the importance of organisation. A big notebook could be used for maths notes, while a smaller option might be better used for penmanship or writing down homework assignments. Color coding assignments with included pens or markers will also teach them how to prioritize subjects where they have more (or more important) assignments.