Japan’s legendarily hi-tech toilets have become renowned around the world and apparently it’s all down tone company, ToTo, who in 1980 started selling “washlets” that transformed a toilet into a European-style bidet. Innovation continued and soon there was the tech to hide the sounds and smells of toilet usage, not to mention heated seats, more efficient flushing, and washlets distributing water at the perfect temperature.

Before you buy your new toilet seat, measure up your existing one. In the UK, toilets seem to come in two main shapes, round and elongated, so for the perfect fit, make sure you’re purchasing a seat that is designed for your current loo. Most manufacturers give detailed measurements so you should be able to match yours to the right product.


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While these devices promise easy installation, it’s worth noting that although they usually come with a standard 3-pin plug, health and safety regulations in the UK don’t allow these sort of sockets in a bathroom so you may want to chat to a friendly electrician about hard-wiring it in to your existing wiring, or finding a safer means of installing it.

Not all devices offer the same benefits so if something is important to you, make sure the product you’re planning on purchasing offers it. Among the many benefits of smart toilet seats are heated seats, LED nightlights to help guide you to the bathroom at night, as well as a range of washing and drying options, all of which can be chosen via the remote control panel.