The first modern headphones weren’t exactly a runaway success—invented in 1910 by an engineer, investors didn’t buy into the concept and it wasn’t until the US Navy ordered 100 pairs that they really took off. While the over the ear design might not have changed much in appearance since then, the tech has definitely been upgraded. These headphones will help you to disappear into whatever you’re listening to.

Perfect For Travel

A lightweight, collapsible form makes these universally useful headphones easy to pack and take on the move, while a 3.5mm jack gives access to most electronics. Also available in white and pink and with the option of an inline microphone. Sony

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Once you’ve decided to go for a pair of over-ear headphones, have a think about where you’re going to be using them and what you need them for. What devices will you want to use with them? This will affect what sort of jack you need to look for and whether you’ll need an adaptor. But it might also have an impact on how long you need the cord to be—if you want them for gaming, for example, and they’re not wireless, you’ll need to think about where you sit in relation to the headphone socket.

Dedicated to Music

With a three-metre-long cable and a comfortable padded design, this high quality, yet affordably-priced, model is a good option for losing yourself in the tunes, and they come without a microphone so you’ll just have to press cancel on any incoming calls! Sennheiser

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If you’re planning to use the headphones with your phone or with your laptop, you’ll probably want to look for a design that comes with an inline microphone so that you don’t have to unplug or switch headphones if you get a call while you’re listening to something else.

90° Swivelling Earcups

With inline mic for taking calls and remote controlling music, this super chunky device comes with two different sized plugs so you can use them with a range of devices, including professional equipment. Also available in six other colourways, including pink, grey, black and pink. OneOdio

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More padding doesn’t necessarily mean more comfort—although it definitely helps. You also want to check just how adjustable the headset is, and whether the headband is also padded if you’re planning to wear headphones for any length of time. More flexibility means you’re more likely to be able to adjust them for a set up that’s comfortable for you and balances a good seal over the ear without anything feeling squashed or sore.