While our smartphones are becoming ever smarter, they’ve also become unofficial storage devices for photos and videos—which, along with increasing numbers of apps, rapidly saps memory. Storing photos on a microSD card not only frees up space, but also gives you security, should your phone decide it fancies a swim. Here’s what to look for.

Fast Read and Write Speeds

Ideal for Android smartphones and tablets, action cameras, and drones, this is designed for and tested in harsh conditions, is waterproof, shock-proof, x-ray proof, and functions from -25ºC to 85ºC. SanDisk

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If your primary need for a small, light SD card is simply photo and video storage, most brands will work just fine. Check for compatibility though—modern laptops may not all have direct ports for cards, so may require a cable connection to a camera in order to download.

Features Favourite Franchises

Officially endorsed and designed for the Switch system, this allows digital games and content to be stored and played anywhere. Transfer rates of up to 100MB/s enables games to load quickly. SanDisk

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If you’re hoping to use an SD card for gaming, look for ones with lightning quick read and write rates. Fast transfer speeds are also useful if you need to download or upload files and images rapidly.

Lightweight Option

Ideal for storing pictures and videos. Great for peace of mind and security—and also to free up memory space on your phone or tablet. Samsung

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If you’re planning on using the card in a camera in the great outdoors (or even underwater), you might want to consider one designed to withstand extreme conditions in terms of temperature, and is not vulnerable to shock or water.