Thanks to the rise of hygge—the Danish concept of getting cosy—slippers have got new cachet; being warm and comfortable is cool these days. How can you determine which pair is right for you though? Here’s what to look for in a house shoe.


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Sure, you might have some free slippers that you brought home from your last hotel stay, but while those are fine for padding to the spa in, they will inevitably be too big or too small—therefore potentially dangerous going up and down stairs—and made of one, thin layer of towelling.


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Many of today’s smart slippers are made from memory foam, which moulds to the shape of your foot, not only offering more support and comfort, but also greater warmth, as they fit snugly to the contours of your foot.


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If you’re going to be nipping outside to fetch the paper or the post, look for a slipper with a sturdy, non-slip sole, and if you have ankle issues or want more support, a closed-back slipper—shaped more like a traditional show—may be a better bet than an open-backed slip-on style.