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Kitchen shears are big helpers in the kitchen. You can use them to cut the backbone out of a chicken before it goes in the oven, trim herbs like spring onions or parsley, cut fish, or finish up a chopping job you realized you didn’t do a great job on once it’s already in a pan. You can use them like regular scissors too, of course—to open packages or mail while you wait for water to boil. Below, a few options you may want to bring into your kitchen.



When looking for a pair of kitchen scissors, look for rust-resistant stainless steel blades with micro-serrated edges—which means they’ll make great, sharp cuts—that are thick enough to hold up while cutting thick vegetable stalks or thick cuts of meat. Comfortable handles will come in handy, especially when they’re made from a non-slip material.



Kitchen scissors don’t have to be just for poultry and other meat. Many come with metal inserts between the handles, which can be used to crack nuts or open bottles. Some even have a bottle opener cut into the blade for ease of use.



Are you a fanatic about herb garnishes? If you’re always picking wet coriander off of your knife blade, you might want a pair of specialty herb scissors—with one snip, multiple blades can function as twice as many knife chops. Get perfectly trimmed garnishes every time, especially if you’re cutting from kitchen herbs you’re growing yourself.