While once associated with twee “Best in Bloom” village displays, hanging baskets — or hanging planters — have had a makeover. As more and more of us understand the benefits of being surrounded by greenery, they’re the perfect solution if you want to bring plants into your home, and still leave surfaces free.

Modern Look

With 45cm long ropes for suspension, this plastic option is designed with a built-in water reservoir to keep plants healthy, and come with plugs for stoppering any leakage if used inside. Also available in grey, speckled black, speckled white and marble designs, and in a smaller 20.5cm design. La Jolíe Muse

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When buying your hanging baskets do check whether they’re intended for indoor or outdoor use. The biggest difference is that those for outdoor use will probably have drainage holes in the bottom. So if you don’t want water dripping all over your floors and furnishings, look for baskets that are designed specifically for indoor use, or come with bungs to stopper the drainage holes.

Upgrade Existing Pots

These cleverly woven cotton fibre frames—a dual set—can accommodate pots of various different sizes and give your place a bohemian 1970s vibe. Goodpick

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Already got beautiful plant pots that you don’t want to go to waste but running out of clear surfaces? You need a planter holder. Often made from macrame, or cleverly constructed rope or metal designs, the idea is that you buy the hanger separately from the pot and so can still use your favourite pots, just as hanging ones rather than requiring space on a table or shelf. While most allow for a range of pot sizes, just do check before you buy that you’ve measured the pots that you intend to use and that they will fit.

Beachy Feel

These jute “pots” with an integrated handle make a great option for mounting, and they can also be used to store or organise all manner of objects around the home. Available with different accent colours to match your decor, including grey, mottled grey and mottled brown. Sea Team

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For a natural, seaside feel for your hanging baskets, look for a jute or seagrass basket with a hook—these are more suitable for hanging from walls than suspending from ceilings but are a great way of hiding pots that are useful but don’t really fit your current colour scheme. Again, do measure to make sure your pots and the basket will work together.