Whether you want a folding bed to accommodate a friend for a kid’s sleepover, or have grandma coming to stay, the latest “put you up” beds are the ultimate in transforming furniture. These folding beds can transform a study or box room into a bedroom in no time at all. Looking for something that can double up as an armchair? Want a proper, pocket-sprung mattress? There’s a convenient foldable bed to suit.

Effective And Affordable

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The simplest folding beds are like where you’d sleep at while summer camp. This cot comes with a metal base and a foldable fibre mattress. It’s basic, but easy to pop up when a guest arrives and store away when they leave. The mattress and frame together measure no more than 10 cm wide even when folded in half, so it can easily stand up behind a piece of furniture or slide under a bed when not in use.

Hidden Place To Sleep

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If you have an office or spare room that could do with an armchair, but might also be used as a spare bedroom when guests come to stay, look for furniture that can do double duty. This fold-out chair bed made from a sturdy foam folds back on itself to create an occasional armchair when not in use as a bed.

Best Storage

All the features and benefits of a full-size option but in a space-saving design that can be ready for use in minutes. Amazon

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For the ultimate in comfort for your guests, look for a folding bed that mimics the design of a full-sized bed. This option, for example, boasts a base made from wooden slats and a pocket sprung mattress, rather than a basic foam one. This type of mattress, commonly found on full -ized beds, has individual springs sewn into individual pockets so that they work independently, rather than as a unit in the way that open coil sprung mattresses do. Basically applying pressure to one of them doesn’t cause the entire bed to move. It’s a great choice if you’ve got a little bit more storage capacity.