Essential oil diffusers that transform your home into a haven

Release your favorite scents around your home.

The easiest and most popular way to enhance your home’s fragrance is by using a diffuser to gently disperse a heatless, fine mist into the air to stimulate your senses. Low-level warm lighting which can be adjusted to suit your mood, as well as calming music, also aids relaxation by recreating the soothing atmosphere of a luxury spa.

Comes in two patterns

Ultrasonic pulses blend your preferred smells with H~2~O before radiating out steam to infuse any room. It will shut off at the end of the pre-set time to ensure you don’t waste oils or energy. ASAKUKI

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When considering which diffuser to get, think about all of the features you want (or don’t) and where you will place it. For example: will it go in your child’s room? Look for a diffuser with LED lights to act as a nightlight. Alternatively, if you are photosensitive, opt for a model without lights. If you only want it to run for a small period of time, look for a diffuser with a built-in timer. If you fancy something that runs overnight, make sure it has a large-capacity basin.

Calming LED Lights

Outputs a scented mist for 4-6 hours, or up to 9 hours on “low fog output.” Choose your preferred hue or allow the device to circle between all of its options. VicTsing

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If you plan on moving your diffuser between rooms—or even to another house or flat—look for one with a locking lid. This will ensure that any remaining water or oil doesn’t spill out in your car or onto you. If it will stay in place and you have the space, try looking at larger models.

Built-In Safety Features

Can be set on a timer for one, three, or six hours and boasts multiple different subtle glow settings to alter the mood. Can also be used as a night light. VicTsing

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Get more use out of a diffuser by choosing a model which can also be used as a humidifier or air purifier when you don’t want to use your essential oils. All you need to do is fill it with water and press the power button.