The three most entertaining Nintendo Switch games

The best-loved games for Nintendo’s most versatile console ever.

Nintendo Switch is hailed as the world’s first hybrid gaming console, a system that can be used in TV mode (that is, sitting in the docking station and hooked up to a large screen with an HDMI cable), with two players in tabletop mode, and for one player only in handheld mode. That meant you no longer needed two separate games consoles—one for when you wanted to kick back at home with a big screen, and another for travel.

What to play on what is frequently lauded as the most versatile console ever? We have three suggestions to get you started:

Play Over And Over Again

Much-loved, retro video game gets a modern makeover with new tracks, characters, and modes. Amazon

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In 1985 Mario made it to the home gaming market as part of the Super Mario Bros franchise. Things escalated in 1992, when Nintendo launched Super Mario Kart, a racing video game that changed sibling dynamics for decades to come. This new version of the game, designed especially for the Switch console, brings it bang up to date with 48 tracks and more than 40 racers to choose from—including five exclusive new characters. You can play it on your own as a handheld game or in TV mode with up to three others. If you’re playing online, 12 of you can dig into the new multiplayer Battle Modes.

Hectic Fun

Icons square off against each other. Amazon

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If you’re less about racing and more about, say, beating up your friends as Yoshi, you may want to go with a different updated classic. Super smash Bros. initially launched in 1999 and has been a beloved standby since, in large part because it pits favorite characters from across the Nintendo universe against each other. You and your friends can pick your fighter from games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon. This version for Nintendo Switch and lets up to eight people play at once, and offers a range of new play options to up the ante.

Longest Play

Familiar characters in unfamiliar settings, with lots to explore and discover. Amazon

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If you’re more into sandbox games than progression or quest-motivated ones, pick up Super Mario Odyssey, which lets you join Mario on a globe-trotting 3D Adventure. There are tasks—you can collect Moons to power your airship—but there also hidden secrets that you can unlock to give you more possibilities to interact with your surroundings.