It’s easy to rustle up a quick and simple meal using tinned foods, saving you lots of time and effort in the kitchen. But getting into them can often be a pain, especially when the ring pull breaks halfway through. Manual can openers also have a habit of jamming, and can be hard to operate if you struggle with certain mobility issues. This is where having an efficient electric can opener can come in handy. Not only are they safe and easy to use, they can get the task done much quicker than if you’re doing it by hand.



When choosing an electric can opener, the first thing to think about is size. If you have plenty of room in your kitchen then a countertop option served by mains electricity might be better, as you’ll never have to look for batteries. They also generally come with other uses, such as bottle openers or knife sharpener. For smaller kitchens, battery-operated versions might be better as they will happily sit in kitchen drawers.



Electric can openers are generally safer to use than manual ones—but an extra safety feature that’s worth thinking about is a magnetic lid holder, which can make it even safer. The magnet will hold onto the lid once it’s removed from the tin so you never have to fish it out.

You should also look into whether having an automated start/stop function is for you. Because electric can openers are so efficient, they can keep cutting into the tin once the lid has been removed and leave shreds of sharp metal sticking out or in your food. An automated start/stop feature should stop this from happening.

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Finally, make sure you look out for cleaning instructions too. Most electric can openers are wipe-clean only, which can be tricky if you spill anything. However, some have removable parts that you can remove for cleaning, which can help you keep the gadget hygienic and prolong its lifespan.